Climate Project in Ethiopia: Amude Natural Resource Conservation

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The Central Rift Valley basin (CRV-Basin) is located in central Ethiopia. The main problem that this project wants to address is the rapid degradation of natural resources and the shortage of livelihood alternatives. The natural resources degradation and ecosystem disturbances are due to various factors. Rain-fed crop cultivation and irrigated commercial farms are replacing the wooded grassland, even in the Koka Lake area. Trees are cut and used as fuel wood and for charcoal production, without replanting. In most of the CRV severe overgrazing leads to loss of the vegetation cover. Farming communities along the rivers and around the lakes are competing for water, to grow vegetables for the Addis Ababa market. Large scale horticultural farms State farms also take large amount of water out of the water system, recently several large scale-irrigating horticulture and floriculture enterprises also started to use water for irrigation.

The project’s purpose is to reverse the deforestation of the natural trees and fight against poverty through a tree for food approach. The overall development goal of the project is to contribute to ecosystem rehabilitation through proper management of environmental resource in the CRV of Ethiopia. Our main objectives are to: create 5 enclosure management groups and builds their capacity to manage and sustain forests and land in collaboration with the government, and preserve 100 hectares of land; engage communities in safe way and sustainable land use practices and develop their capacity to implement these practices; support enterprise groups to generate non-timber incomes including beekeeping, petty business promotions, fruits gardening, fuel-saving stove and mud-blocks productions; and develop organization’s and stakeholders/beneficiary capacity through inputs supplying, trainings and workshops.

VoCDA was established in 2003 as a local NGO and is currently registered as per the new law “Ethiopian resident charity” and operating in Oromia Regional State. The goal of the organization is to contribute to the attainment of sustainable social services, food security and community development for the rural and semi-urban poor with sustained environmental management and healthy, literate and prosperous society.

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About Plan A: Plan A is the first data-driven crowdfunding platform in the fight against climate change. We use data to predict where and how climate change will hit the hardest. Using these insights about vulnerable locations and their respective issues, we connect with environmental innovators to provide them with a channel to funding from individuals and businesses for the solutions they bring.

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