Colombia | A Little Place Called Minca

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Only half an hour drive in a car from the bright lights of Santa Marta, Minca, Colombia, is a mountainous paradise!

Cascading waterfalls, clean fresh mountain air, hiking trails, organic coffee plantations, hummingbirds, toucans and a variety of other colourful birdlife makes Minca well worth a visit when travelling Colombia.

From certain viewpoints on the trails in the mountains it is possible to see the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada in one direction and the exotic white beaches of the Caribbean – it is here in Minca that the incredible diversity of Colombia really hits home. See more on the best treks to do from Minca below…

Join us as we stay in the beautiful Ecohabs, visit Pozo azul waterfalls and head to a gigantic hammock at the hostel Casa Elemento.

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Minca Ecohabs-

Casa Elemento-

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