Control Leaf Curl disease using Homemade Pesticide.

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Leaf curl disease is one of the most Prevalent disease in Zinnia , Chillies , Holy Hock , Tomatoes etc. This is caused by Begomovirus borne by White flies. They induce this virus to the plants while sucking juice. Leaf Curl virus infected plants exhibit vein thickening and upward curling of leaves.As the disease progresses curling changes to gross reduction in the leaf size and the plant becomes stunted in growth as well as severe reduction in flower size also.
The Scientific Name of the White fly responsible for spreading the disease is Bemisia tabaci
The insect attack the plant in it’s early seedlings stage. Therefore , it is advisable to control the disease at its early stage. However , once the plant is severely infected the disease is not curable. In that case you have to uproot the plant and discard it at some distant place or bury it underground or may burn them.
The home made recipe can only be used as preventive measure. If the insect attack is severe you have to opt for chemical control measures.

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