Creating Organic Valentine’s Day Candles… YOU CAN EAT?!!

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I will show you how to create a unique gift for Valentine’s day, using only pure, organic ingredients. SO pure in fact, that you can eat the candle, and pour the hot “wax” into your coffee for a flavor boost 🙂


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33 Responses

  1. TheChris AndHollieShow says:

    the first 12 candles sold EXTREMELY FAST… so i decided to make another batch, so if you tried to order and they were sold out, you have another chance to order if you act QUICKLY 😉 THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH who support us by these sorts of purchasing. it keeps our channel going, and we really appreciate the love from the bottom of our hearts <3

  2. DDiving Diving says:

    Just recently started watching your videos and enjoy them . This a great idea and very healthy iam a fan of coconut oil

  3. Cheryl Turner says:

    My most romantic Valentine's day was with my late husband. We were State Park hosts in Texas. Valentine's day night we were driving through the park checking everything at about 10pm, when my hubby stopped our truck in a picnic area put a tape in the cassette player (yep it was a long time ago lol), asked me to get out with him he cranked up the radio and we danced under a very starry sky to "I Cross my Heart" by George Strait. Best memory ever, still makes me cry!!

  4. POOLAAKI says:

    shine in coconut fat, oil in donuts!:D :p

  5. Elishia Montenegro says:

    I bought my first high value candle yesterday, gotta say, 45 bucks is way behind my desire for a candle but one dollar seemed doable lol…… so I bought it………. so nice……….. thanks for making these kinds of videos and making treasure hunting seem cool………. that's what I call thrifting, dumpster diving is out of the question here, Australians really value their rubbish……………… lol……

  6. Edith Boyd says:

    Liked and shared. My most romantic Valentine's Day memory is when my other half surprised me with dinner at home. Candles were lit, sparkling grape juice was cold and champagne glasses ready to use, and the table was set with the goid dishes, which never get used, and pink roses were on the table. Pink roses because that is the first flower I was given and it is the go to flower for me always now. I know most women get red nut I prefer pink. We didn't turn the television on the whole night. Music played softly in the background while we had dinner by candle light and just talked until we realized we had been sitting there for hours. We didn't have a lot of mo net that tear so gifts were minor, but it didn't matter to either of us. What mattered was we were together. Wed are still together and on July 18th it will be 21 years. Best 21 years ever. We have had ours ups and downs but we have stuck together through thick and thin.

  7. Janet Milan says:


  8. Linda Woods says:

    How did you guys do on your fast

  9. Chanay Hammond says:

    This is so cute❤️

  10. Lou Upchurch says:

    I love candles so loved this video, your cool Hollie x

  11. Kathy Jones says:

    Ohhhh noooo. Chris. I thought you stopped drinking coffee????

  12. Anne Scott says:

    Oh Hollie they look amazing you put a lot of love into making them I tried to think of a special romantic time in my life and you know Hollie sad to say don't think I ever had one . take care stay safe Anne Scott from Scotland

  13. April brindley says:

    I remember one year my late husband take my granddaughter with him to the mall to get me a surprise for Valentine's day. They cane home with a very large card, large stuffed bear, golden elephant earrings. My granddaughter was so excited to give it to. So I would say that was the best from my granddaughter and romantic from my husband. He did take me out to eat later.

  14. MeanMama Meanest says:

    So talented

  15. Lisa Pink says:

    dang i want one of each :C

  16. Carla Ross says:

    Well as usual cudo's to you Hollie ! You are so very creative in your ingredients and descriptive words that makes everyone want to be able to smell them through our screens. LOL. I can just imagine how aromatic your home must smell when you get to your melt down in your kitchen when making candles. And this is a melt down that we should all be able to experience. And when you decorate your jars for the candles is so so imagitive and pretty we also wish we had the cells in our brain to do what you do. It would so wonderful if you guys could have a store for your candles, items you find & put your magic touch to and of course Chris's wonderful handi work with the wood. You guys would really have a unique store that everyone would love to shop at just for your beautiful hands on crafts. I unfortunately wasn't married to a romantic male so no unique Valentines Days to talk about. LOL But I have had really nice Valentines with my kids & grandchildren. Lots of wonderful memories in the past & years to add to them. God Bless Your Family. You need to put all your video's together for a DIY only for both your creativity little minds & items you repair, recreate and one of a kind items. I think you would have another group of followers. I know that would be another time consuming item to do but it is just an idea.

  17. Dawn bustersmummy says:

    I spent a lot of my misspent youth in Amsterdam and other parts of Holland. The Dutch keep candles in the fridge as they burn longer if you do that. My friends think I am crazy when they see candles in my fridge! But it works! Also, in Holland, you never give a candle to somebody without lighting it and extinguishing it first, as its deemed bad luck to give an unlit candle xxxx

  18. Azorean Island Girl Connie Raposo says:

    You're Amazing Hollie !!!!
    Love your description of your candle making and further more , the facts.

  19. christina martin says:

    So glad you burned one ! Lol !!!

  20. Carla Costa says:

    You make great videos. Loved this!

  21. Carla Costa says:

    What do you look for on eBay to find your candles?

  22. Carla Costa says:

    Too cool!

  23. Carla Costa says:

    Great idea. You could start your own line. People want natural and organic.

  24. Tina Andre says:

    Beautiful candles Hollie. I'm learning a lot from you. !

  25. Dawn Lindgron says:

    Very clever idea my dear

  26. Barbara Nash says:

    Very nice viedo Holly
    Have a great weekend

  27. cynthia wood says:

    I luv luv luv this video.such a good job girl.those candles look amazing.

  28. MsPuddledancer says:

    Good day youngens, What a wonderful idea Hollie. I don't burn sweet candles only because I am a bigger woman and burning something sweet always makes me hungry. lol So I ordered Taylors T-shirt instead. lol I am an old hippie and favor the scents of patchouli or musk's. or hemp…lol "the smell of fun" huh? lol Hollie your editing and sound effects are becoming very professional. Loved the scratched record at the right spot. I am enjoying hearing songs either I have not heard before or haven't heard in a long while. Respectfully, Puddledancer AKA SSSSSS -Stella! hahahaha

  29. Sab Cam says:

    Gorgeous !! X

  30. me&onlyme me says:

    I really don't have one favorite Valentines memory only because my husband shows his love for me thru out the year. We don't need one day marked on a calendar to show our love for each other. He cooks my favorite meals, helps with the twins, and is always there when we need him the most. We tend to do things differently than most couples anyway. Which keeps it real for us.

  31. Jess Perham says:

    I love watching your candle making videos

  32. eve ward says:

    Hollie your so imaginative you got some talent .them candels will fly off the shelf

  33. Sarah Weinreich says:

    Love it

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