DECEMBER 2018 BOXYLUXE REVIEW. With a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.

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Hi Guys! I’m going through this giant-ass Boxyluxe from December! Grab a frosty pint and join me!
Boxyluxe Code:
Glossier Referral Link (10% off):
Follain 15% off code: ref15_qal9y8

What I’m Drinking:
Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

Boxyluxe Products:
-Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream
-Luxie Rose Gold Complete Face Brush Set
-Violet Voss Pro HG Palette
-Lorac Royal Treatment Mascara
-Wander Beauty Dusk to Dawn Blush and Highlight Palette
-Tarte Glitter Lip Paint in Flaming Hot
-Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer
-Crimes of Beauty Wristlet (+Portable Charger)
-PYT Mini Hair Straightener

Products I’m wearing:
-Colourpop No Filter Foundation Stix in Light 55C
-Colourpop No Filter Translucent Setting Powder
-Benefit Hoola Bronzer
-Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Fair
-Glossier Stretch Concealer in Light
-MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Devoted to Chili (mentioned)
-NYX HD Finishing Powder in Banana
-Glossier Boybrow in Brown
-Pat McGrath Permagel Lip Liner in Bare Rose

What I’m Wearing:
Top by Victoria’s Secret (they longer have a clothing line boooooo)
Earrings by Free People
OPI Nail Polish in Diva of Geneva

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16 Responses

  1. Andrea Taylor says:

    My fave moment..edelweiss duet with Spongelle. Beautiful voice btw!

  2. ExcellentFancy says:

    I absolutely adore your videos.please! More! Singing "Edelweiss " to the sponge almost knocked me off my treadmill! You.Are.Fantastic!

  3. incorrigibleme says:

    Give the people a hair tutorial already

    Seriously. My pixie is all “unloved sheepdog” right now cause I was too broke over Christmas to get it cut. But! Even when I do have it chopped down, I can never make it look half that cute. Help a girl out

  4. Marisol Miller-Wave says:

    Ohmygod you’re my favorite! I wish I knew you when I lived in NY. Did you ever work for Restaurant Associates? Because I worked a NYE at Viacom, and your experience sounded very similar to mine. Keep being awesome!

  5. Marisela Sales says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it would be fun to sit and have a drink with Cate and just chit chat about make up and life in general, I need a friend like her in my life LOL

  6. Christina Morris says:

    What state are you in? Are you a prof mua? You are sooo funny, new sub here 🙂

  7. Kim Hough says:

    You look gorgeous! You are so funny…you make me laugh even when it's a crappy day! I get 2 different beauty boxes every month but my have to check out Boxy Charm. Thanks Cate!

  8. Nancy Hedke says:

    I laughed my a$$ off after your SOM tribute!

  9. Diana Sterner says:

    I am on the OLDER side ( 59) erggghhhhhh but I just love watching your videos. I actually sit and LAUGH OUT LOUD while watching you. You absolutely crack me up and I love that you start each video with a drink that is my fave…. I have been telling everyone about your videos so hopefully you get even more subscribers. I love your techniques and applications and love that you use both high end and drug store. Thank you for making me laugh and teaching me new stuff I actually am excited when i see you have posted a new video. Thanks !!

  10. Leighann Yates says:

    I seriously love your videos!

  11. Pat Mear says:

    Great video as always. You look MAH-velous!
    I don't care if it's an inexpensive wristlet with GLAM AF on it or a $1200 BALENCIAGA handbag, I just don't get it. It seems kind of junior high school to have big white letters all over it, but that's just my opinion.

  12. Kim Steffen says:

    I got the Pretty Vulgar powder (so meh) instead of the Wander Beauty palette. And after seeing that ethereal glow on your cheek, I'm sobbing a little. Très très gorge look in this video. You make dark pink look amazing. It makes me look hungover AF.

  13. Aaliyah Awan says:

    Love “plushious”

  14. jordan dean says:

    Thosa concealers are two of my all time favorites as well, high coverage concealers look so bad on my 40 something undereyes, but these are lovely.

  15. Julie Anderson says:

    You just really make me smile and laugh. Loved the video. And for some reason I just adore it when you tell products, “good job” and clink them with your drink! Bahhaha

  16. Megan King says:

    Omg I freaking loved this video Kate. You’re so funny. Do you watch broad city?

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