Decorating The Porch For Autumn

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Fall is here, and you all wanted to see how we used the pumpkins we grew in a porch decorating video so here you go!

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36 Responses

  1. Sally previde says:

    Good job Sindy! I wouldn’t change a thing!

  2. Amanda Foreman says:

    Beautiful job Cindy! Good luck on your wreath!

  3. luckychicav says:

    Very Lovely Cindy!! Nothing like a child in the household to push us to decorating for the season! 😉

  4. Patrice's Projects says:

    Very nice. I like that it is not overdone and gaudy.

  5. Randal Ovcen says:

    Good Job! Next year plant some "Wacky Gourd" seeds and you'll get the unusual sharped
    gourds you were looking to use for decorations. You'll get 3-6 different shaped wacky looking and different color gourds.

  6. Ona sehume says:

    Loving that background music though

  7. CJ says:

    Very nice job. As the mum flowers fade, deadhead and they will continue to give you flowers!!

  8. Camelia Cristofaro says:

    Good job! Besides the wreath over-the-door, you can hang some sort of decorative things on the wall as well.

  9. OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY says:

    =) lovely!

  10. Kristine Leach says:

    so cute!! 😀

  11. John Doe says:

    Muy bueno

  12. Trisha E says:

    You didn't really show it all at the end. What I saw looked nice. Good job Sindy! Are you nervous in front of the camera? I totally would be!

  13. Charissa Troup says:

    Some corn stalks on the post would be nice, too.

  14. Beasley Ben says:

    Thank you Mrs. MIGardener! I am so excited to finally see a video from you! The porch turned out really nice and the colors you choose look great! I can hardly wait to see the wreath that you do. I hope to see you making more videos and maybe show us more of the home now that you guys have been there longer and had time to finish projects. LOL Like we ever finish all of our projects! Love you you guys!

  15. Sue Bar says:

    Nice job☺

  16. Dorothy Fu says:

    Be sure to mulch those beautiful heucheras. They will survive the winter.

  17. PinkChucky15 says:

    It looks lovely! 🙂

  18. J Cubed says:

    1. So nice to see someone that isn’t an expert, just an everyday woman growing and decorating. You don’t have to know all the names or exactly what ratio of fertilizer to be successful! That’s so refreshing and takes the weight off of me to be perfect.
    2. Omg black squirrels! 3:05

  19. deborah levy says:

    Very nice

  20. Jocelyn Soria says:

    Can you keep the seeds from any of those fun looking pumpkins?

  21. Wran Ther says:

    Just beautiful creativity to match your personality!

  22. 628DirtRooster says:

    It's going to feel so welcoming when I show up for trick or treating. 🙂

  23. Mark Avera says:

    I love fall decor Great Job MsMI

  24. Muskogee Family Happenings says:

    Looks great!

  25. Virginia Reid says:

    Very well proportioned, for the size of the porch. I too wish there was a view from the front. Thank you for sharing. I have a wreath made by a friend that has 6-7" sunflowers on it with a small plaque in the middle with a fall saying. It is done in a light tannish color and the top has a spray of fall colored flowering vines a cross the left center .

  26. Dave Sterchele says:


  27. Beverley Simmons says:


  28. skittles99 says:

    Lovely video, Mrs. Migardener!!! Thank you!!!

  29. Luigina Yerino says:

    Nice. I enjoyed your video. [Just one thought: The teal colored pumpkin during Halloween trick-or-treating means you have treats for kids who can't have candy. My suggestion is to either have such treats or to remove the teal colored pumpkin the week before Halloween and put it back in place after trick-or-treating is over. Otherwise, you could have disappointed children at your door.]

  30. Bartuna says:

    GREAT JOB. You should do more videos!

  31. steakandeggs says:

    Small spaces are the hardest to decorate and you did a great job. I do think you need a scarecrow on or close to the hay bale. Great job on the video too. Hope we will be seeing more.

  32. S S says:

    Cute!!! ❤ I wished you would've done a front view of the whole porch at the end.

  33. Stephanie Ellison says:

    Turned out very nice!!!

  34. R.D. Franklin says:

    60's music. Great to decorate for fall. Great job.

  35. L Miller says:

    Beautiful! Those little dark purple flowerss are astors. They will come back each yeah and multiply rapidly (at least mine do). One to plant more fall perennials. Thanks for the video!-Lori

  36. Cathy Ranger says:

    Great job–very pretty.

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