Delirium Tremens Hallucinations/Organic Brain Syndrome. 1960s Psychiatric Interview

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Brief discussion by patient of full perceptual disturbances experienced as a result of alcohol withdrawal.
Interestingly, in each of the DT cases I’ve put up thus far, animals feature as part of the hallucinations.
First clip thus far with a female doctor leading the interview. I wonder if she’s smoking too?

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13 Responses

  1. cold spring says:

    acid test

  2. onumaytuu says:

    During clinicals many years age , a girl in my class had a patient with DTs. It was bad bad. He was a man about 55nyears old, but looked 75 years old, malnourished and tiny . He was shaking and the tremors were so bad it took two people to hold him just sit him up ! He should have been given some valium and BY or B12 vitamin ! But I did not know much about him . I was just passing or she asked me if I could help her out ! I felt so bad for this man. He must have been a drinker for many, many years ! I don't know why he admitted to hospital, but the hospital news located in area of downtown that had a mix of very tough neighborhoods and we'll to do neighborhoods ! Some elderly patients were admitted with syphilis ! They already had neurological problems by the time they were found in their apartments ! Itbwascsad and I always treated them respect and compassion !

  3. calvin murry says:

    I come from an alcoholic family. Which is why I don't drink. I have seen the dt's up close and personal. It really gets to you. I encourage everyone who wish to over indulge to witness a person going through delirium tremors. I just stare in awe of your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Same old thing says:

    I have seen people go through this. It's awful.

  5. vickie campbell says:

    Alcohol is a terrible disease!

  6. Adrian Kingdon says:

    I got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good good night…

  7. Dan Kirchner says:

    my dad said he would see these little toy elves that moved and talked etc . also we had a black and white tv and he said he watched it in "technicolor" ,i watched an old man in jail bang his head into the bars having a dt .same guy used to say "whats the price? 30 times twice." "whats the reason ?-very pleasin'"

  8. Maggie's Journey says:

    You know, this is not the first time I heard of hallucinations having to do with orange juice. Hmmmm

  9. Dan Kidd says:

    is that Lee Harvey Oswald's taller twin?

  10. Crushed Belette says:

    Lmao I can't think of nothing but the Black eyes peas in an orange juice glass

  11. Zero One #Ukip says:

    Fascinating and terrifying.

  12. Omayya Ab says:

    Where do you find these interviews?
    Thanks for posting them.

  13. Karli Colcord says:

    please keep making these. your viewers (especially me) absolutely adore them and I get excited whenever you post, these are so educational and interesting to watch. we truly appreciate you putting these together for the world to see. thank you.

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