Department of Earth System Science and Policy, University of North Dakota

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Synthesizing social and natural sciences research for sustainable management of Earth systems.

The earth is comprised of complex and interconnected systems. Today we know that human activities are generating changes to those systems that goes well beyond natural variability. In the Department of Earth System and Policy we study the planets’ different systems — hydrosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere and anthroposphere — as an integrated Earth system for evaluating the effect and consequences of human-driven change and be part of the solutions. Through our multidisciplinary approach to teaching and research we lead the way in solving complex human-driven changes affecting the sustainability of the earth system including the capacity to shape environmental policy and integrate environmental and resource economics. We believe that those with the research capability and/or technical skills and expertise to address today’s environmental and sustainability challenges with this holistic view, will have the greatest impact in defining and shaping tomorrow’s positive and sustainable changes.

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