DIY Lipstick & Lip Balm Out of Candy! 3 DIY Makeup Projects (Galaxy, Rainbow) with AlejandraStyles

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DIY Lipstick! DIY lip balm and DIY lipstick are great DIY makeup projects to make at home. In this DIY makeup tutorial I show you how to make DIY lipsticks using crayons, eyeshadows and candy. We are making DIY galaxy lipstick, cotton candy lipstick and rainbow lipstick! I’ll also show how to DIY your lips into the coolest lips ever! It’s very easy. Check out Alejandra’s video:

For the first of the 3 DIY makeup ideas we are making DIY galaxy lipstick out of crayons and gummy candy! Crayons are a great way to give color to your lipsticks. However you have to be really careful that the crayons you are using are non toxic. I recommend using face crayons for your DIY lipsticks, tinted lip balms and other DIY makeup projects. Face crayons are meant to be used on your skin, they are non toxic and also very creamy and pigmented. This makes them a perfect ingredient for the DIY lipstick projects. Just melt your violet and blue crayon with some coconut oil, gummy candy and glitter. Pour the mixture into the lipstick container and you have your own epic DIY galaxy lipstick out of gummy candy!

DIY cotton candy lipstick out of love hearts? Yes please! For this one we are using beeswax, coconut oil, eyeshadow pigment and love hearts. If you don’t have beeswax and coconut oil you can totally replace them with some Vaseline and a piece of old lip balm. DIY lipsticks with eyeshadow are super easy to make and you can make any color you want! I decided for pink and blue, hence cotton candy. To incorporate Love hearts into our lipstick we have to ground them in a coffee bean grinder. You get a smooth sugary powder, which you can mix into your melted lipstick mixture. Pour all that goodness to a lipstick container or a lip-balm pot and there you have a great DIY cotton candy lipstick out of Love hearts.

The third DIY lipstick that we are making is a rainbow lipstick out of lollipops. This is a great DIY makeup project to recycle your old lipsticks. Usually there is still a lot of product that you can scrape out of the bottom of the lipstick container. To incorporate lollipop to your lipstick you will first have to crush it with a hammer. Then simply melt different lipstick colors and mix in pieces of lollipop. Pour the lipstick mixture in a lipstick container or a lip balm pot. There you go – you are the only person with a cool lollipop lipstick! How awesome!

DIY lipstick are such a great DIY makeup project. Top it off with a bit of candy and you have the best DIY ever!

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