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Give your skin a break from all the products you use and do a simple, natural skincare routine.

My skin feels wonderful every time I use only natural things.

Use oats as your facial cleanser, tone your skin with apple cider vinegar and moisturize with coconut oil.

It can’t get any simpler than that 🙂





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24 Responses

  1. APOCALYPSE jr. says:

    No need of this
    Garlic for large pimples
    Lemon for black spots
    Honey for acnes
    Papaya for small pimples

  2. Anna Sofea says:

    its so helpful for skin care.

  3. Brundha Boora says:

    Isn’t acv processed?

  4. AnaMar Gomez says:

    I suggest using (sweet) Almond Oil instead because it’s great at moisturizing without irritating skin and it soaking into your skin so it doesn’t leave your face looking greasy. Raw Shea Butter is also a good alternative.

  5. Karen Ly says:

    Your skin looks amazing

  6. Sarah Aya Jensen says:

    can i use anything else than apple cider vinegar ? I looooooove your channel but I'm from Denmark and we don't have apple cider vinegar in every store :/

  7. Akanksha Sharma says:

    Did it work in getting rid of acne?

  8. ruby k says:

    So simple…so natural….love this!!!!!!

  9. Princess Alicia says:

    I did this and I felt like I had highlight all over my face but instead of using coconut oil I used olive oil mixed with Vitamin E oil

  10. Queen Shante says:

    Can you use oatmeal everyday?

  11. Anna Sofea says:

    nice video, thanks for sharing

  12. your mama says:

    So how often do i have to use this every morning? Or in the morning and before i go to sleep?

  13. Piccolagoccia Sara says:

    Hello this routine you do in the morning and even in the evening?
    can I use chickpea flour or rice flour?

  14. Jimi Hash says:

    u know wat i was wanting this for so long thank u much sweat gitl

  15. Ma. Chariza Sheena Velasco says:

    can i use aloe vera moisturizer insteAD OF COCONUT OIL..?

  16. Mick Anderson says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful videos you are a very beautiful lady inside and out.

  17. Yano Rivera says:

    Personally I use oats and yogurt. But trust me it's hard to resist eating it. Aside from that I recommend Papaya and Honey.
    See more in this blog if you want more recipes:

  18. Sajan Malhotra says:

    So easy thanks

  19. ARRIOLA Nicole says:

    If you are scared that coconut oil will clog your pores you can use jojoba oil since it is the closest type of oil similar to our sebum

  20. good insideout says:

    Can i cleanse my skin twice a day with oats?

  21. Starbuckslover3634 says:

    will this clear my acne.PLEASE ANSWER

  22. Tina Bealtine says:

    This is cool, but every time I hear someone say that coconut oil absorbs quickly I just can't stop laughing. It stays on skin forever 😀 (At least for me)

  23. Ava Marshall says:

    There are better options for moisturizing… that won't clog pores. Save the coconut oil for your hair or body people! Use jojoba oil, almond oil, grape seed oil…. something non comedogenic. Anything… coconut oil is great!! Just not for your face!!

  24. b says:

    I am watching this bc I'm broke asf

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