Do your chickens have worms? Here’s the all natural cure.

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How can I tell if my chickens have worms?
• Pale combs
• Weight loss
• Stopped laying eggs
• Poop on the eggs
If your chickens live outside in a coop just assume they have worms, all animals that live outside have worms and need to be wormed on a regular basis.
There are lots of different worms chickens can get. A couple of them are: hair worms, round worms (the easiest ones to see because they look like spaghetti), tape worms (hard to spot because they’re very small), gape worm (looks like a Y).
What is the best treatment for worms?
We want to use a wormer that kills all the worms, and the eggs, and is all natural and chemical free.
What I use is call Diatomaceous Earth. The reason I like it is it’s chemical free, and it kills all the different kinds of worms.
Particular chemical wormers only work on particular worms. That’s the beauty of DE, it kills all the worms.
How much DE should I give and how often?
For babies:
Wait until they’re a month old before you start to worm – because if you de-worm too young it could constipate them – then once a month mix 1/4 cup of DE per 2lbs of non medicated chick starter. Then just feed them as normal.
For adults:
once a month mix 1 cup of DE per 5lbs of whatever you’re feeding them. Then put that in the automatic feeder and once it’s gone fill it back up as normal.

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39 Responses

  1. No Man’s Land jIN says:

    Are these Buff Orpington chicken breed??

  2. Pooperscooper Pooperscooper says:

    My ex battery full of round worms I’ve been treat them for months daily with diatomaceous there still passing them I just cleared up a huge pile of around 15 round worm disgusting they were dead

  3. Chicken Whisperer says:

    Show me the proof! Any studies to back this up? Not a blog, not "it works for me" but real proof that DE is an all natural dewormer for chickens. I can save you some time because there is no proof. If you have proof please share! Otherwise this is nothing but chicken poop!

  4. Timothy Love says:

    Aren't fruit of the vine bad for laying ability

  5. CRAZZY KIDS says:

    Becky, you don't have a link to a DiatomaceousEarth on your website as you state in your video.

  6. Nadia Waugh says:

    You are amazing! I love your videos

  7. matt smith says:

    Can you eat the eggs after they eat the DE?

  8. Debra Rowlands says:

    I don't know what it is about chicken feed and dogs, but they love it, LOL. My neighbor's lab came over and just started gobbling right out of the bucket as I tried to feed, LOL.

  9. 2448redbird says:

    I just got four beautiful golden hens. They are so neat. I just love them.

  10. lt34102 says:

    Ingested D.E. comes in contact with the chicken's saliva and softens, losing it's ability to kill organisms. If it was able to resist the saliva, it would cut the birds digestive system. It's worthless for worms. D.E. in the bird's food or dust baths will be ingested in respiratory system and cause Silicosis, forming scar tissue and impairing respiration.

  11. Abdullahi Ahmed says:


  12. Mr. Wolf says:

    You saved my chickens life, thank you.
    I subscribed

  13. Tina Battaglia-Winspear says:

    I only buy the "food grade" DE. I use it 2-3 times a year in their feed to worm them. I use it 3-4 times per year in their coop, nest boxes, run, roosts and in the area where they give themselves dust baths. It helps to kill mites etc. And its safe to continue eating the eggs because its the food grade type!!

  14. Sally Scribner says:

    Can I feed Diotomaceous to 1.5 week old chicks? If so how long should I feed it to them?

  15. CrazyChickenDude says:

    I will usually put DE in their run and coop. Then I'll put Apple Cider Vinegar and Wazine and Rooster Booster in their water. It works in a day or two 99% of the time!

  16. tom jennings says:

    will diatomaceous earth work on dogs, cats and other animals?

  17. gangcai2876 says:

    "Extensive research on diatomaceous earth (DE) has had very disappointing results; the substance has little if any effect against internal parasites." from
    But I will try DE anyway.

  18. Lajwanti Shahani says:

    I use DE on my dogs for ticks and fleas (said to be good for worms as well) but its a special mix for dogs only, not food grade and it gets kind of rough on my hands as well as their coats. Will try out the food grade variety next time. Also, I'm learning from you about chickens getting these vectors as well and am now a little worried about it since keeping my dogs clean is a tough task in itself. During the tick season my house gets infested and I've even lost a couple of puppies because of tick fever.

  19. gavstar12345 says:

    I want to fuck her real bad

  20. White Waves says:

    Love your channel. Thanks for all the excellent knowledge you share!

  21. Twins Twin says:

    love the hat!

  22. Twins Twin says:

    does her dogs live outside, with the chickens?

  23. Ada Orozco says:

    I love u, Becky!

  24. BeeFriendlyApiary says:

    DE won't do anything for internal parasites. We have tried this and still give them DE in feed but we still have problems from time to time!!!! DE works well for external parasites and is great for micronutrient uptake!!!

  25. Isaiah Callahan says:

    If one were to want to be 100% self reliant, how would they deworm their chickens and grow chicken feed?

  26. Seal-ed says:

    I just use a little apple cider vinegar (ACV) in their water. It knocks out the parasitic worms as well as many other added health benefits. I also use ACV in the sheep's water as well. Dramatic improvement in both animals.

  27. Christie Betts says:

    I think my chickens may have worms.First timer here,thanks Becky.

  28. Sandra Fowler says:

    Ugh, DE as an internal wormer is the name of my existence as a poultry forum moderator and chicken breeder. As soon as DE is introduced to a moist environment it becomes worthless as a treatment. Using it internally is completely counterintuitive to its claimed mechanism. There's zero scientific evidence of it working in this manner. Though if you have any, by all means…

  29. Violet Keen says:

    I live in NZ and I have been able to get Diatomaceous Earth…can't wait to see results….thank you Becky…love your videos

  30. aiyanna peoples says:

    so the egg shouldnt have poop on it? should the egg be completely clean? what if there is blood or something on the egg? should i bathe my chickens? if so how do i bathe them and how often should i bathe them?

  31. Heather Findlay says:

    Don't you need to worry about breathing in the dust?

  32. Yellow Pink says:

    I hate all worms.they are sickass disgusting shit.

  33. Hélène Staley says:

    I love your videos!

  34. Flying Fox Fruits says:

    thank you for video Becky

  35. W Lewis says:

    We only have 2 hens. How much DE would you add to their food?

  36. Robyn Ensor says:

    How long have you been using DE and have you had any ill effects from using it. Also, do you take it yourself?

  37. renz639 says:

    Nice farm

  38. renz639 says:

    Thank you becky

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