Does Joel Salatin Sequester More Carbon Than He Produces??

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I asked Joel Salatin questions to have him show and explain his amazing results from the past few decades.

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14 Responses

  1. Chris Nielsen says:

    This is awesome. Particularly the note on water.

  2. rogerhommas says:

    LOL..and the right to live?
    ..down the drain..
    as a farmer, since 1670, I think I have a say in this!?!
    My family have managed to keep the river alive, and the smaller water : what's feed the ' salomon'- river for 200-houndred years, but now, the last 50 years we are accused of poisoning the river and creeks who feed it.
    .now, 2019, I'm asked to pay the digging of 2 ckreek's who feed the river..
    Not my BAD the river is full of dirt on a "peat/ wery humus ares about ~1000 hectars, but I have to pay for the digging..

  3. Dale Redpath says:

    The other thing, is that, to the best of my knowledge, the Salatins have actually increased the total amount of soil on their place, as well as the amount of organic matter. so 8x organic matter multiplied by the increase in soil, would be a lot of carbon sequestered.

  4. Jonathan Croley says:

    But remember that CH4 given off by cows is over 20x more potent a GHG than CO2, so not all carbon is equal as far as the ozone layer is concerned. Calculating environmental impact is such a multifaceted thing.

  5. Dina Tarini says:

    Interesting to listen to his opinions. Enjoy your vacation. I prayed for your family.

  6. Field to Farm says:

    100% we do

  7. Annah Kurtin says:

    Simeon? Carbon? Try to grow food without it. Try to breathe without making it.

    I hope everyone realizes that we breathe out carbon dioxide to be used by plants for nutrition. GOD made a perfect balance. Mankind wants to disrupt GOD's work and make a profit.

  8. Bear says:

    I am enjoying your working / vacation series very much…It's fun to watch your work ethic pace as you approach even small tasks… Our prayers are with you and your extended family…

  9. thenext poetician says:

    Irrelevant. CO2 is a trace gas, a coolant, and it's atmospheric concentration is an effect of overall temperature, not a cause. Get out of the brainwash man.

  10. Georgia Henderson says:

    How insane that farmers are discussing sequestering plant food! Is this a parody on the AGW Carbon Dioxide hoax?

  11. Jennifer Sinclair says:

    Can you believe some study done in Europe is saying that organic gardening is causing more carbon! Clearly they don't understand how sustainable practices work.

  12. Maria Hurley says:

    Simeon, I like how you let Joe talk without interrupting him. I also like how you are doing one topic a video, it will be easier to find in the future.

  13. Joe Graves says:

    Joel is a revolutionary thinker who happens to farm!

  14. Little White Dory says:

    It's must be the dry air in AZ! Simeon, you usually are more organized and thoughtful in your videos. Are you thinking of making a well organized video of your interview with Joel? Your 3 clips so far seem very choppy or fragmented. It's all good but take the time to organize your vlog so it's got some flow or structure. It can wait until you are back in Sweden and have time to edit and layout your experiences with Joel. Enjoy the time with your family and have fun while your on vacation.

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