Dog Allergies: 7 Ways To Stop The Itching Fast

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If your dog is scratching, has hair loss, excessive paw licking, recurring ear infections, then he or she likely has an allergy. This video shows you the top 7 ways to stop the itching fast.

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  1. RAOBANION says:

    I purchased a puppy via good breader flew pup from MN to CA and pup was itching in container. I just seems to be getting worse. Thanks for some of the tips I have yet to hear and local Pet store sells a dog Bennedril but it make her dipsie or more dipsie than normal since she is only 12 weeks.
    Is it possible that this is something they need to work through if no rash shows or scabing from all the chewing. No Fleas found or dry skin and see the Vet today.

  2. Chantelle Johnston says:

    Is topical ACV/water spray meant to work straight away? Because neither that nor pure aloe juice seemed to help his scratching, unless it takes a few days to help? My shihtzu has flea dermatitis I believe

  3. jel ly says:

    My dog witch is part beagle and pit and he scratches till he bleeds on his tail and no he doesn't have fleas

  4. tina mckeage says:


  5. Rosemary Chee says:

    Do you have a recipe for oatmeal shampoo?

  6. Indiana Jane says:

    Please help! My son gave my dog a flea bath and did not rinse hum quite well enough and he got a rash. Vet gave him a cortisone shot, anti-itch pills and antibiotics. After 2 weeks, itch and rash flaired again. I tried bentonite clay and honey mask to pull toxins out of skin, but it did not help much, possibly because of the honey not allowing clay to absorb in. I used vinegar which help temporarily. But I need to solve this problem for good. Can you recommend anything specifically for rash from flea shampoo? Thanks kindly! So glad you are informing us to better care for our pets!!

  7. Judy Carr says:

    I have some problem

  8. Felix David says:

    Hi, we have a Labrador almost 12 years old. He is sturdy but we cant do anything for his scratching and biting himself all over his body and two weeks ago, he bit himself which went unnoticed by us and the wound ended up with maggots. He has Thyroid as per tests done on him and he stinks very bad and unbearable, the very next day after giving him nice shampoo bath. Shall appreciate your valued piece of advice

  9. Diassiau says:

    We changed my dogs food so many times. We tried all types of medication. Nothing works, he has eye gunk and anal leakage, hes losing furs and his skin is red. He has a dry nose and it seems like he may be having fever. His paws hurt, I dont know what to do anymore.

  10. Mary Hill says:

    After a ton of research my Shih Tzu is finally done with the itching and scratching. Dr. Bronners sensitive soap (baby version) a teaspoon of coconut oil, two probiotics crushed and ACV has finally made my pups life and mine started much better. Occasional scratching because of course he’s a pup but no more floor banging scratching and licking. I hope this helps you all

  11. Ziggi Mon says:

    Probiotics are useless, the only thing they do is causing diarrhea. Don't feed your dog commercial dog food, buy organic chicken, meat, salmon and cook with sweet potatoes. Dogs love it and it's healthy.

  12. annie t says:

    My Maltese dog, 8 years, is having itching, licking and hair loss problems. My vet suspects food allergies and suggested to put her on only Skin Care dry food for 8 weeks after giving her an antihistamine injection. Would vitamins help her at this stage? Someone suggested Zinc would help. Would the simple change of diet be enough? Each day her hair overall, thins out more, even if she can't scratch her back. It's a week I've changed her diet even though she ate very simply before.

  13. Eric Rose says:


  14. Black fire Lion says:

    My dog itching crazy

  15. Barbara Gray says:

    my little dog wts. 16lb & should wt 12 she doesn't get exercise outside because of allergies.what do you recommend?

  16. marsack7 says:

    I had a dog that was allergic to the bushes in the front lawn. I watched her scratch her back on them. I had had other dogs with allergies to what, I never found out. The vet gave them prednisone which changed their personalities. I didn't want her to take that so I tried a blanket as a barrier to the problem. She wore that blanket for 15 1/2 years and it worked. She was so special.

  17. Alkaline Healing Centre says:

    He reacts to chicken could it be parasites in meat?

  18. Tara Mendez says:

    This has just started up on one of my dogs. She’s a corgi/chihuahua mix, she’s 3 years old. Since around March I have tried so hard to stop it I seriously have no idea what’s going on. First she started losing hair in her abdomen and then it turned black and dry and flaky. And now it’s gone up to almost half her tail and on her back. She has fleas right now, we are treating the dogs to get rid of them. It has gone up to her mouth just in small spots and the back of her ears she bites and licks so much in her back it turn red I comb her hair with a lice comb I barely find any. I have tried bathing her with apple cider vinegar and bathing her in a shampoo called Miconazole. I try not to bathe her too often since she is so sensitive and her skin is dry I have been reading almost everything online and what came up that made sense was lichenification. Has anyone tried anything that helps. Also I took her to the vet they said it was flea allergies and they gave us steroids but it didn’t really help. I really need help I don’t like seeing my poor pup all depressed.

  19. Martial Artist says:

    I use baby wipes.

  20. SHIRYON says:

    Wonderful info as usual. I start my dog on quercetin with Bromelain before allergy season begins. Also, for excessive paw licking I found out that it can simply be a yeast infection due to being in damp grass & from their sweating. It makes sense that this dark damp area is a prime place for yeast to thrive. It can give them an itchy & hot sensation. I keep a squirt bottle with 7 parts water to 1 part organic apple cider vinegar and add a few drops of peppermint essential oil for cooling sensation as well as ro counter the vinegar smell. I squirt this solution in between their paws each night, usually after their last time potty break of the day. It has worked.

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