Dr. Shawn Baker | plant-based agenda, technocracy vs carnivory

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20 Responses

  1. JezaGaia says:

    Human pet food ? Heck no ! I wouldn't feed my pets the crap most humans eat or that fake meat.

  2. viktor tikka says:

    The less your body has of a specific nutrient, the more readily it will be absorbed. “For instance,” explains Wheeler, “if you have a deficiency in, say, vitamin B6, your body will aggressively absorb that nutrient from your food source.”

    But you generally don’t have to worry about absorbing more nutrients than you need. That’s because your body constantly strives for homeostasis, a physiological term for balance. “Your body will not absorb more of a given nutrient than it requires,” explains Volpe. “When levels are low or you’re deficient, your body tries to regain homeostasis by absorbing more of whatever is needed. Once that balance is reached, absorption will again be decreased in order to maintain the appropriate level.”

    prove shawn bakers theory?

  3. Joos YouLose says:

    Agenda 2030

  4. Joos YouLose says:

    A big contributing factor to ill heath is miscegenation.

  5. bobmonk388 says:

    I was a season ticket holder for local team ,watched T.V. all the time then i gave it all up it was the best thing i ever did honestly the main stream is lame stream, i always knew i was being programmed i was a pain in the arse for teachers . I took my health and mind back from the arseholes who would have both destroyed. Luckily i live in an area that provides me with meat and eggs out side the bankers paradigm were i can get goods and services from locals for goods and services i have ,perfect really. like today i got half side of mutton for erecting a neighbours fence all grass fed.
    Last year i got an offer of some pork from a 4 year old sow people we are being conned this was the best meat i have ever tasted rich deep flavour loads of inter muscular fat honestly we fought over the last pieces family feud for pork lol.

  6. Kathy Fausett says:

    I like your take on it, man—-I hate the idea of giving up what I am used to doing, I mean, dude, I hate change! I think I'd rather die than change.

  7. BigBeautiful Snowflake says:

    meat man bad 😐

  8. SeanBrutus says:

    I'm a butcher by trade and into nutrition, strength, and faith.
    Trying to bring the the together to get people to understand God's purpose for us to be strong mentally and physically.
    Eating meat is paramount to that.

  9. Ian farted no you did ,so says:

    Can the nerds grow me a horse dick (feeling a little under size)(shut up)

  10. Ian farted no you did ,so says:

    Judge Dredd was so far out when it was made. But yeah it's becoming true; only sewer rat meat burgers made by the underground fringe dwellers, every other food is synthetic. Having sex only by a pill! VR sex?

  11. SeanBrutus says:

    Two heavyweights of nutrition.
    Love this.

  12. Immortal So Far says:

    The gut microbes are really only important for plant intake. Meat gets absorbed in the small intestine before it even reaches the microbes in large intestine.

  13. traktorn says:

    Havent watched any of the streams before, you're more woke than i thought.

  14. Nick Whitehead says:

    Vegans fart more then cows, lets kill off vegans and save the cows. Problem solved.

  15. Tyler Sudden II says:

    Tristan just killing it with each and every podcast. I sent a family friend your way for the Keto Collective. She saw how much my wife dropped since I became a meathead for cancer reasons (not body comp).

     I will have to check out Smelly's debate between Layne and Shawn. I have been a Super Training Gym/Mark Bell watcher for years when I was a power-lifter.

  16. Tyler Sudden II says:

    These big (((companies))) are one in the same with the folks who make "money" up out of thin air, set various interest rates and create the entities that you pay your taxes to. They aren't solely looking to tax meat to make more money off you. Folks like the RED SHIELD clan have more money than they could every use in many lifetimes. No there is something more insidious at work.

  17. Vaughn Malecki says:

    Might as well promote a Sav-A-Lot lunch meat diet. He's a wonderful proponent of Bayer pharmaceutical.

  18. savydude1 says:

    Dude, start a program where people can come from around the globe, and stay, and consume raw milk, butter, grass fed meats and clean water, so they can heal for two months at a time.

  19. Loco Badger says:


  20. John Shoal says:

    You should go on The Public Space! more people need to find about this stuff.

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