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A hungry bush cricket sets its sights on an orange and black mantis, only to be eaten alive by a white orchid mantis. Fascinating nature clip from classic BBC Series, Wildlife on One. Subscribe:

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49 Responses

  1. Arifin Bali says:

    The way it eating kinda satisfying

  2. Francis Jay Seville says:

    0:33 Surprise Madafucka!

  3. S laRock says:


  4. kadir başarmak says:

    Orospu çocuğu ya nasıl yiyor amk

  5. Epic kid says:

    Are you sure that's a cricket?

  6. harri hiltunen says:

    nice nature video…

  7. Pip Squek says:


  8. Jae says:

    The sound effects HAVE to stop.

  9. This n' That says:

    1:01 Mmmmmm. Buffalo cricket wings!

  10. Andreas Hoppe says:

    nom nom nom

  11. TubingDoom says:

    when you realize someone always add that extra sfx which is seriously annoying to me

  12. Jimmy Jenns says:

    That thing just grabs and starts eating instantly. What the hell bro?

  13. Eddie King says:

    Damn nature, you scary!!

  14. Jason Gaddie says:

    Kindog a sucker punch, huh? Haha

  15. Abigail Marin says:

    "bush cricket" "fellow leaf relative" ahahaha

  16. Dan S says:

    I would love to have an orchid mantis. Does anyone know what region they are in?

  17. Mike H says:

    daaaamn!!! that's not even fair.

  18. Donald Trump says:

    interesting how they can pick up the sounds of the mantis eating

  19. Jonathan Kafrouni says:

    i dont call that beautiful. its creepy

  20. Roi Caawey says:

    Thats katydid and orchid mantis eats that destructive katydid

  21. Raflie Rheznandya Ardiza says:


  22. Sean Lu says:


  23. Shah Hazard Khan says:

    it's the first time I see a white mantis.. when the camera focuses nearer to the mantis.. it really looks like a zombie.. weird and scary

  24. Omega Duo says:

    That is a young and foolish bush Cricket….. good thing it died.

  25. Aliyah Taylor says:

    hello it's a katydid

  26. KpopGirl says:

    they got great camouflage

  27. demochris1 says:

    Bruce Lee reference

  28. 鹿晗。luhan。 says:


  29. King Schultz says:

    What a gorgeous creature

  30. Ramone Abuoun says:

    Wow I didn't see that coming lol. I thought the Orange and Black Mantis was going to kill that other green bug lol.

  31. Donald Sanders says:

    This orchid mantis when it gets bigger like in this video, it eats baby orchid mantis..Canabals

  32. NurFarrah Soda says:

    I didn't realize that white mantis, I keep watching on red one. Cool!

  33. mqweqe says:

    I hate it so much

  34. Ventroid says:

    Love the mantis as well as the music

  35. Lincoln Meredith says:

    The perfect assassin

  36. helge herrmann says:

    So a grasshopper was eaten by a beautiful beast?

  37. Adorando al Rey says:

    the music fits

  38. GregoryTheGr8ster says:

    The world is now minus one bush cricket.

  39. drumherum says:

    I saw two mantis like creatures during my last changa/dmt experience, love looking at this.

  40. Shelley Goodman says:

    Talk about deadly beauty. The mantis is so well disguised as part of the flower that the butterfly or whatever insect doesn't see her, and then when the insect is in just the right position, POUNCE! and the mantis has got a tasty meal

  41. SteveSabbai says:

    Like a Ninja.

  42. Eric Ariz says:

    For Mantis, it tastes like Pizza

  43. TheNaydoubleu says:

    This was fantastic oh how I wish I could own a few of these beauties 

  44. Saddam Hussein says:

    M Night Shyamalan would be proud.

  45. Diego Bustamante says:

    I cant see him

  46. Riz Vicious says:

    Did not see that coming. 😐 

  47. Armin Parekh says:

    This is a very-nice video.

  48. Diane I Andrzej Drag says:

    yup, I jumped

  49. sad ness says:

    before eat, mantis said: alloh huakbar!!

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