ECO HOUSE Tour – Agribusiness Farming Ideas In Philippines

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Today we took a tour around Archival Eco House a sustainable agribusiness full of ideas in Cebu City (Philippines) where you can learn Aquaaponics, Goat Raising, Vermicasting and how to recycle waste into food and usable materials like footpaths and furniture

During our visit to Archival Eco Farm we learned how they run the entire 7000sqm farm on solar panels and has their own water system, this place is inspiration to anyone who loves sustainable living and cares about the environment

Anyone wishing to visit the Eco House, it’s located in Talamban
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  1. Shine Weather says:

    Thanks for shraing my brother to have a farm in the pHillipines

  2. OZAY DIHSAR says:

    Wow thanks for sharing stay blessed po happy new year

  3. Its Cathy's Blog says:

    Nice Vegestable and fish.

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