Elia Romano/Klaas Martens OGRAIN Presentation: Unique Small Grains for Organic Food or Feed

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Elia Romano, grain and seed buyer for the Albert Lea Seed House, has been working in the seed industry for 20 years with a focus on contract producing grains and specialty crops with farmers all
over the United States and Canada.

Klaas Martens, Mary-Howell Martens and son Peter farm 1,600 acres of certified organic crops in upstate New York, producing corn, soybeans, spelt, wheat, emmer, einkorn, rye, triticale, buckwheat, oats, barley, cabbage, dry beans, hay, and a wide range of cover crops. Both independent and university-coordinated on-farm organic research is a strong component of their farming operation, and they are frequent speakers and writers on organic agriculture.

Klaas Martens and Elia Romano will explore the unique crop production needs of spelt, kernsa, emmer, eincorn, hybrid rye,
winter barley, austrian winter pea and other artisan food grade grains and livestock feeds. Seed sources, timing of
planting, fertility needs and more will be discussed in this session for experienced growers seeking to increase crop

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