Empties (Products I Have Used Up) #1 | Eco Household & Green Beauty

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Here are some natural products I have used up, open up this description bar for more info!

Products Mentioned & EWG ratings (if applicable):
Eco Max Natural Ultra Orange Dish Wash
Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Kiss My Face Peace Soap in Pomegranate Acai (2)
Deep Steep Foaming Hand Wand Wash in Grapefruit Bergamot (2)
Green Beaver Jr. Bubble Bath in Boreal Berries (1)
Kiss My Face Kids Bubble Bath in Orange You Smart (3)
Treehouse/Nature Clean Body Wash in Wacky Melon (2)
Treehouse/Nature Clean 2 in 1 Shampoo in Wacky Melon (2)
Kiss My Face Liquid Rock in Sport (3)
Nature’s Gate Toothpaste in Mint (2)
Green Beaver Conditioner in Fresh Mint (2)
Desert Essence Organics in Italian Red Grape Shampoo for colour treated hair (3)

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9 Responses

  1. spriffy4 says:

    Thank you for your favorites! I've been looking for natural conditioners for a while! Definitely will look into desert essence!

  2. Kaleigh Nguyen says:

    Mrs.meyers brand of dish soap is great for removing grease 🙂

  3. maraJason1 says:

    Loved this video! I'm so heading to superstore, I use green beaver products for my kids which I love but I agree that they're pricey

  4. Jenna Catherine says:

    Thank you for the nice comment! 🙂

  5. Jenna Catherine says:

    It works for my hubby – hopefully it would work for yours too. I bought mine at Superstore, but any place that carries Kiss My Face should have it! 🙂

  6. Jenna Catherine says:

    It is lovely! You totally should Jill! One thing at a time, and eventually before you know it, you will be all natural! 🙂 I hope you are well!

  7. todreb says:

    I love your videos! I'm a mama to two boys and I love your way of doing things.

  8. anaidrav80 says:

    My husband has tried like 5 natural deodorants and none of them worked 🙁 where can I buy the kiss my face one??? Great video!! Keep them coming =D

  9. SippyCupsAndCoffeeMugs says:

    I am so good about using natural products on my girls, but really need to make the switch for myself! This video was super helpful 🙂 I think I would love that grape shampoo, one of my favourite scents.

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