Extra Utilities: Division Sigil Ritual

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26 Responses

  1. evan danendra says:

    looks easier

  2. Octocock V1 says:

    TY so much 😀

  3. Indian Scammer says:

    what happens if you dont sacrifice anything

  4. Dominick Da Silva Fernandes says:

    Tkanks a lot mate, thing was driving me crazy

  5. Noah S. says:

    I can't even find the sigil to start with even though there's a dungeon mod with a ton of chests…

  6. Derren video editing says:

    I can’t shift right click it

  7. Paul-Stelian Olaru says:

    Does the ritual work in peaceful mode?

  8. LEAD FARMER says:

    Your mic is low

  9. Patrick Briggs says:

    You can make the ritual a lot easier by building a roofless house around the enchantment table. Put the walls just outside the redstone on the ground, then place one torch inside while building. Build at least 4 high depending on the light levels outside the house. NO ROOF. I use dirt as building blocks, but that doesn't matter as long as the whole thing is built on dirt. Build yourself on the inside (or use a door if you want to build a more permanent structure) of the house, block yourself in, with your sacrifice. When it gets close to time, remove the torch you placed inside the house. Kill your sacrifice, and replace the torch. No random spawns, no creeper risk. The ritual will start at 11:30 at night, so just time your actions based on that.

    This way you don't have to change the light levels around the house, you just build your walls high enough to make the floor light level 0. That's it, risk free activation of sigil.

    I have done this many times. Works great. In fact I have a permanent structure I built just to reactivate the sigil when I use up the unstable ingots divisions it gives.

  10. Mortar X says:

    thank you so much

  11. Doctor Medkit says:

    ooh, this video reminded me about my cursed earth, I've been having problems with my spawners not spawning

  12. d13 il2 says:


  13. Sir Arrow says:

    need this sword?

  14. Tombuskull says:

    Who's here for Sky Factory!!??

  15. Kled o Cavaleiro Intratável says:

    vlw ajudou muito

  16. HenryRide says:

    Lol Had full iron thinking it was enough. Used a golden apple and did the ritual, got one shotted by something, I respawn and the whole game laggs with mobs swarming my entire Sky Factory 2 island.

  17. _Mr. Logs_ says:

    а я русский лол

  18. 00100000station says:

    …clever pig. =] Great video. Now please explain every function of every mod in Sky Factory 2 with similarly lengths and concise tutorials!! Sub'd!

  19. Maggliro says:

    It helped thank u

  20. MaxFlancito2364 says:


  21. webbster 64 says:

    it give* sorry

  22. webbster 64 says:

    HI whats the radius of cursed earth is give ?

  23. Zelhero says:

    As a side comment, you can collect the Cursed Earth with a silk touch tool (pick shovel etc.) and use it in places like a mob grinder to produce mobs.

  24. MrQamboy says:

    First… Here is my legit comment

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