Farming TROUT in the North of Greece | Bart van Olphen

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Fishy friends! After a short Christmas break I’m back with a new #FishyFriday video! Recently I’ve travelled to the North of Greece, to Preveza, to meet with trout farmer Christos. The story he told me about his ASC-certified (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) farm called Eurotrout gave me a great insight in the world of sustainable fish farming.

As you all might know, I love wild seafood and visiting fishing communities all around the world. But we should take in consideration that the world population is growing and that there’s a huge need for more sustainable seafood. Farming seafood can be one of the solutions to feed the planet.
So come aboard, find out more about this wonderful, sustainable farm in Greece and let me show you afterwards how to cook with this beautiful fish!

Let’s get cooking!

Find the recipe for oven baked trout with dates, almonds and cinnamon right here:

See you next Fishy Friday!


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10 Responses

  1. Xinwei Lim says:

    An underrated channel. Love your vids!

  2. Khor Harn Sheng says:

    hey Bart, loving your channel and fishy friday! You should check out this Barra farm in Darwin, Australia. Premium sustainable fish farming, recycling 100% of the water for fish farming though a series of wetland

  3. opwave79 says:

    That is really impressive the way they raise the trout and reuse the water for the fields. It's an inspiration! Btw I love trout. Smoked trout is a great alternative to smoked salmon.

  4. Félix says:

    Will you be featuring new recipes as well in this series?

  5. Gary Daniels says:

    Nice to get to see these otherwise inaccessible farms. It looks quite a process. Amazing the things that are happening to feed our ever expanding world population. Thankyou Bart. Happy New Year to you and all at Bartsfishtales.

  6. Arthur Silva says:

    Very interesting, more farms should get certified. I know what I'm going for if I have the choice.

  7. vilhelm hammershoi says:

    this wasn't good at all. thanks for the organic trout farm in greece story, no cooking, however. disappointing.

  8. Shirley Castle says:

    Interesting. Trout fishing and eating it is one of my favorite things. Nice 2 see you in 2019. See you next Fishy Friday.

  9. Stuart Dennis says:

    Why the subtitles on the English speaking parts of the video? It's very distracting.

  10. Paul Allan says:

    Fabulous, thanks.

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