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My favourite beauty product from every category for 2018 – What was your TOP beauty product of last year?
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MY TOP – Weekday http://bit.ly/2D0if34


Clinique take the day off balm https://bit.ly/2EVVsEr
Caudalie instant foaming cleanser https://bit.ly/2CeOp9h

Caudalie Blemish control infusion serum https://bit.ly/2VHkuPZ

MV Organic Rose soothing moisturiser http://bit.ly/2CX3vBW
Keihls Ultra facial cream http://bit.ly/2D075eU

Glam glow mask http://bit.ly/2D0Tnbv
Fresh rose face mask https://bit.ly/2RHChHK

MV Organic Jojoba Oil http://bit.ly/2CYPuDL

By Terry Balme de rose http://bit.ly/2TyBLcu


NARS Randiant primer http://bit.ly/2TF2t2X

NARS Natural radiant longwear foundation http://bit.ly/2TyNPu4
YSL Touche éclat All-in-one glow http://bit.ly/2D0j5wW

Laura Mercier flawless fusion ultra longwear http://bit.ly/2TDZ1Wt
NARS Soft matte concealer https://bit.ly/2TjMc49

Benefit precisely my brow http://bit.ly/2CZEkyU
Glossier Boy brow http://bit.ly/2TErF9Y

NARS Climax mascara http://bit.ly/2D0huXS

Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder http://bit.ly/2D1wZyR

Laura Mercier soleil matte bronzer http://bit.ly/2TBBeX9

CT Beauty light wand http://bit.ly/2CYjxM6
MAC Soft & gentle http://bit.ly/2D1po39

Kevin Aucoin sculpting powder http://bit.ly/2TBryvR

CT Pillow talk http://bit.ly/2CYjFLw
MAC Jamie Geniveive http://bit.ly/2TDxF2y
NARS Lip cover’s https://bit.ly/2FmUUub
Fenty beauty Gloss bomb https://bit.ly/2NPUspH

Urban Decay face mist http://bit.ly/2TBUK5P

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32 Responses

  1. Amber Leavitt says:

    Would love to see a video of yours and Jason's favorite movies!! And you look extra gorgeous in this video!! Love it Sam 🙂

  2. dominique007 says:

    That urban decay setting spray is amazing. I didn’t start using setting spray until 2018.

  3. Anna Peckinpah says:

    Oh I would be so up for you doing videos talking in depth about movies or shows. Like about themes and motifs and composition! 🙂 you look stunning as always! ❤❤❤

  4. MajesticOwl Land says:

    You should do jewellery collection or jewellery faves!x

  5. Helena Santacruz says:

    Hi love, where did you get your necklace?

  6. Bella loves Makeup says:

    A big yes for videos with Jason!!!

  7. Beth Taylor says:

    Do you ever use anything drugstore at all? I love a lot of these products but I can’t really afford all this stuff at once, would love to see some more affordable make up you recommended one time!

  8. Emma Blackshaw says:

    Really enjoyed this video feel we have similar tastes in skincare and makeup also love the new hair! Would love you to do some videos based of films! Also just a recommendation if you enjoy films and talking about them I think you'd enjoy the Red Letter Media YouTube channel. One of my favourite YouTube channels

  9. James Lane says:

    What was the color number

  10. Margie Lidmé says:

    Make films recomendations please

  11. Ellis says:

    Looking gorgeous, love the hair. A Q & A, would be good, I enjoyed your couple podcast. Hope Jason fully recovers soon 🙂

  12. Eilish Shovelin says:

    I would love a movie favourites of the year! Or older movies you love and would recommend 🙂 x

  13. Micakes says:

    Naturally watched the whole 20 minutes of this video c: <3

  14. Claudia Aguirre says:

    You and Jason should talk about the top 10 movies you like! I really liked how Jason was in the room and you kept talking its so raw to me and you guys are the best!

  15. Amy Roberts says:

    Love this look! xxx

  16. Smileeday says:

    You look so stunning! Can we get a tutorial or GRWM on this look? Also where do you get your lovely gold necklaces?❤️ Happy New Year⭐️

  17. Me, Simone & I says:

    I can't wait for your content this year Sammi! I've been getting more and more into your videos as time goes on 😀

  18. Ivy Aquila says:

    Love your new hair Sammi❤❤

  19. Louise Corkin says:

    Sammi's Film Club (like a book club but films) where you recommend a film for everyone to watch and you critique it in a live chat format and let everyone get involved in the conversation for like 1 hr on the same day each week? Then at the end of the chat you create a poll from a list of movies that you're interested to watch next and let your subscribers pick and announce it for review the following week. I'd love to see that 🙂

  20. Kara Denise says:

    I love your favorites. You always are so genuine

  21. shesaidwhatmonkey says:

    Would watch a TV/film review series. Or a what to watch on Netflix video.

  22. Virginia Lee says:

    HI! so happy to see you back! As far as movie or tv content…It would be so fun to see your style looks based the moods/characters on tv or film (maybe bringing them up to date or adding trend pieces) idk! Lots of love

  23. mnxdi says:

    I love listening to her accent

  24. Jacqueline Almeida says:

    You should do movie reviews/series reviews etc! I'd love that…also just lookbooks and such are my personal favourite types of videos to watch. Maybe you could do lookbooks inspired by certain films? Idk! Lots of love!xx

  25. Margot Nonque says:

    omg you are so pretty xxxx

  26. Meg Holt says:

    Loved this video! So positive. Thankyou 🙂 I want / NEED to buy everything now! Xxx

  27. ZD Lifestyle says:

    I really want to try that concealer! X

  28. Wambui G says:

    Idea to incorporate your love of films into videos— do a film/TV show inspired lookbooks!

  29. healthymadness says:

    Video idea for you and jason: top 3 confort/guilty pleasure movies and top 3 made to impress or think movies

  30. Nagehan Sal says:

    Maybe a video about your top 10 movies of all time?

  31. Natasha Jayne says:

    Do separate lifestyle faves yet? Would love to see that too

  32. Lily Aldrich says:

    which shade are you in the Nars foundation? just as a reference when Im looking online aha

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