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Welcome to science at home in this experiment we are exploring the fermentation between yeast and sugar. Yeast uses sugar as energy and releases carbon dioxide and ethanol as waste. Yeast and fermentation have been used for thousands of years when making bread. At the end of this episode you will be able to demonstrate fermentation, explain why yeast and fermentation make a balloon grow and explain the chemical reaction that occurs during fermentation.

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Equipment and Ingredients:
Lab Coat or Apron

Previous Episode: Leidenfrost Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sgk4sY9Xn1U&index=3&list=PL7VnnL-CJ-z5fZDvjxy7TATkITyw32erX

Next Episode: Copper Plating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3qhqTVssoo&index=6&list=PL7VnnL-CJ-z5fZDvjxy7TATkITyw32erX

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  1. ThicDaddyGinge xd says:

    i want to die

  2. Trinity Jenkins says:

    Look at that face 0:25

  3. Deanna Hannah says:

    Get off of YouTube

  4. Deanna Hannah says:

    thank you

  5. Romeo Spadone says:


  6. legend999 says:

    C6H12O6 is Gucrose?

  7. Tamar Yifhar says:

    Sorry but this is not Fermentation this is Cellular respiration. In order to show Fermentation you should have used Anaerobic conditions.

  8. Gacha Tea says:

    They keep putting this on in my school

  9. Melvin says:

    what are the variables

  10. noilex says:

    YEAST IS NOT A FUNGUS!!! Yeast is, yeast! It's like comparing bacteria with virus! Come on man…!

  11. Hubert Cumberdale says:

    Or you could watch their other , better known web site Fun with Flags.

  12. Mushaiq Gaming says:

    fermentaton of rice

  13. Adithya Dinesh says:

    But what happens to ethanol?can we use it as bio fuel directly?

  14. Eliana Chamat says:

    First I didnt understand anything and 2 am I the only one that thinks that the women sound like siri?

  15. Nalan Baburaj says:

    I liked it. It was easy to understand thank you 🙂

  16. Alex Suarez says:

    Basically you can get crunked

  17. Nikita Potekhin says:

    this makes an alcoholic drink named kiliju lmao

  18. Not ClickBait says:

    At 3:08, that is Glucose, not Sucrose.

  19. Jesus De La O' says:


  20. YEBOI SAVAGE says:

    GO DIE

  21. RBSKING 101 says:


  22. G A B Y says:

    Can this be done in two bottles or??

  23. Faith_Walker242 Burrows says:

    can you show the difference between the effects of baking power and baking soda

  24. Priyanka Da Costa says:

    Could anyone please suggest a microbiology based toy?

  25. Renu Sree says:

    Which type yeast u used ? Active dry or instant ?

  26. Renu Sree says:

    How much sugar we must add for one teaspoon yeast ? I am using saf(levure ) instant yeast but my rice flour batter doesn't rise even after six hours ? What to do ? I added 4 tablespoon sugar for 1 teaspoon yeast

  27. Mumtaz Khan says:

    sir why co2 is released in ethanol formation while not an acetic acid the steps are same

  28. Zayn Milliner says:

    i ike that video

  29. Johannes Ndungula says:

    Is fermentation of sugar physical or chemical change?

  30. Nur Fatimah _kisekinokaze says:

    And now I know that yeast need food(sugar)….

  31. axehead33 says:


  32. micah says:

    anyone here for Bio IA ideas?

  33. tarun borah says:

    pls add videos on effect of light on yeast

  34. James Mendo says:

    Hmm. The smell of yeast infection after a long waiting .

  35. Alice Bond says:

    Just why?? " It wont be me this time." Seriously thats stupid

  36. iZyriux says:

    Is anyone from school watching this? xD lmao

  37. Eunsu Kim says:

    "We'll be producing gas and it won't be me this time…(pauses for awkward silence)" (cringe)

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  39. Kimmel Sadat says:

    Anyone here cause they had a bottle of pasta sauce blow up in their kitchen after making some pizza from scratch? I think I might be alone on this one…

  40. Vinay Balaji says:

    is baking powder is acid or alkaline

  41. Vinay Balaji says:

    why the 1st balloon never get expose? I NEED THE ANSWER!

  42. Khate Adriano says:

    What if you use milk with sugar instead of water with sugar?

  43. mari hernandez says:

    this really helped me. thanks!

  44. -AG Gamr- says:

    How would you know how much air is in the balloons

  45. WildHamburger YT says:


  46. WildHamburger YT says:


  47. Nazia Jowshan says:

    I have a question plz somebody help me , from the experiment above how do u know co2 is the only has release like how do we know it’s co2 gas? Plz help me

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