Finding; milk fruit natural eating delicious

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Finding; milk fruit natural – eating delicious

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23 Responses

  1. sruthi sreedhar says:

    I hated

  2. jaran goyang says:

    Makan apa sih nih orang kaya enak banget

  3. Janessa Divina says:

    That fruit called star apple not a milk fruit! Zzzz none sense video again. Waste of time

  4. Lyne 22 says:

    Omg! How she eat the fruits not washing even and why always same clothes, yani not taking shower?

  5. Risal Tarhim Calo says:

    Apa sihh nama buah ini..?

  6. VANI super i like that says:

    mentle neenu

  7. Tsb Dnxnc says:

    I miss to eat star apple

  8. Jane Bhong says:

    She is not clean even the way she eat looks disgusting

  9. Ndrak Tevy says:

    Milk fruit also known as star apple. It's yummy …

  10. Fanny Topon says:

    quien quiera se indica la fruta

  11. Walimah Walimah says:

    Ky buah sawo ya

  12. Marlena Juwita says:

    Jadi inget aku masih remaja manjat pohon jambu biji dg mangga……. Ngeri nya aku jago banget sanpe tinggi

  13. วรัญญา ทองขาว says:


  14. maria Andrés says:

    Can she talk?

  15. maria Andrés says:

    Over acting as usual

  16. Safoora Shah says:

    Never change dress…aur aaram say khaya kro……

  17. Mercy mercy says:

    All viedios starting sleeping?

  18. Laguyan Joan says:

    Oh…no why you eat the unripe star apple? Your crazy lady

  19. Laguyan Joan says:


  20. bubblythy says:

    I wonder if she can even talk

  21. uma fada says:

    Mulher maluca, agora ta difícil saber se é cultura ou falta de educação.

  22. mita kavin says:


  23. Aqila Rahma says:

    Wong ngragas

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