First Earth [full]

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To whomever it concerns, please allow me to keep this up for public viewing

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  1. Anderson Ferreira says:


  2. Josh Austin says:

    Starting * new ecovillages.

  3. Josh Austin says:

    The Comment section of this video could be a medium for networking people and start new ecovillages. Feel free to reply to this message

  4. Mike Hubbard says:

    Jesus is the only way to salvation. He will renew the earth some day, but until then ,one should seek for his salvation.

  5. Dr. Rosko says:

    Trees grow back and sequester carbon. Lets use em in houses!

  6. AlexMW says:

    Roshi, thanks for uploading. I really enjoyed it

  7. buzzkillean says:

    A bit incoherent

  8. Obadiah Nava says:

    1:20:30 why the square (our at civilization at this point) is so temporary.

  9. David Cummings says:

    Fuck you ………. Trees were put there to use ..we grow them to use

  10. spiritnphysical says:

    The OIL is Mother's BLOOD. It IS finite. People have lost their connection to Mother and no longer live in harmony WITH Her. She gives us life….sustains us. And look at how we treat Her. We would have nothing if it weren't for Her. People better start opening their eyeballs and awareness. And we are but stewards of the land. NO ONE OWNS MOTHER! Land is not to be bought or sold. The land IS Her Body! Governments have no business being governments, or being 'in charge' or being in positions of authority, nor do they have ANY business 'ruling' or making rules/guidelines/laws about land! They are insane to think that they do. Existing in a free-will Universe, forcing/ruling another to do as you wish is a violation of Universal Laws. We are not meant to live this way!!!

  11. J Schiller says:

    The Endgame books by D. Jensen are pretty good, opened my eyes quite a bit.

  12. western spud says:

    yea we can all look at tesla tech , he did wonders for the world , he would of gave us all free electric ,.tesla coils . but he lost so did we .each of us has to make our own choices in life ,follow the sheep or live on your own terms .

  13. Eastern Bluebird says:

    Just a small error, at 4:01: Dinosaurs were extinct at the end of the Cretaceous. That is 200 million years after the Permian (not "Permean". Actually the Dinosaurs appeared after the Permian period ended, after an other mass extinction. Do your research on everything and don`t believe ready made stuff.

  14. ruth johnston says:

    thank you for sharing this video. my husband and I have been studying/reading about cob, strawbale, earthship and rammed earth. this is a great documentary to share the passion and reasons to consider a natural home. I'M NOT SURE ABOUT ALL THESE OFF TOPIC COMMENTS. guessing individuals have no life, nothing else to do?

  15. Free to be ME Conscious Dance with Ren Skyclad says:

    Thank you, this is an older and worthwhile documentary showing some very inspiring ideas and encouragement and is worth sharing again and again around social media while it's still up ūüôā

  16. Guymick Cormic says:


  17. 5winder says:

    Not to worry… it's all getting burned up. The new Earth will be immaculate. Praise Jesus.

  18. Mary Cottle says:

    My only comment really is that I really wanted to watch this but the music was so loud I ended up turning off halfway through.

  19. PoliticiansRcons says:

    LOL Ozone depletion Remember when they were playing that card? HOLE IN THE OZONE HOLE IN THE OZONE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  20. ben Bucy says:

    people ,are the enemy of nature,  our world was the garden of eden  , but those  who love money ,and possession, who practice war ,and genocide, for their love of money and power , have destroyed our garden ,and the only way to get our garden back is to physically  gather together by the millions at the same time in Washington and TAKE our country back .

  21. doecreekgirl1 says:

    Depopulation? Not the answer, all the 'useless eaters' must be killed except the maids, cooks, nanny's, lawncare or grounds keepers, gardeners (food-growers-harvesters-preservers), factory workers to make their expensive products, clothes, jewels, cars, boats, homes and do all the heavylifting for the Rich Evil super-consumer Elite? In Texas, in a 1700 sq ft home – we can fit every person or family IN THE WORLD. It isn't the amount of space or the amount of people, it's how and what we consume and the Elite are the worst wasters. Think about it!

  22. doecreekgirl1 says:

    I have to say 'BullShit'… watch movie 'Cowsppiracy' on Netflix. Go vegetarian or better go Vegan. Save your health and save our Planet.

  23. Audiohipster says:

    The problem is not over population…the weight on this earth is obvious, greedy criminal evil minded men and aliens telling us what we can and can not do, forcing us into their square boxes by the commercial highway that pollutes our earth, food, medicine and mind. DC is a prime example of of what is wrong with the United States, they blatantly feel they are above, not only the law, but the Constitution itself they vow to uphold. Communities towns and states the very ones they claim to serve need to stand up demand real freedom, and make them pay for the TRILLIONS of dollars they squander…or we will all be fracked…This earth will spew them out of existence. "Rid those running the earth" lets not ruin it but build COB …respect honor and love the earth. Cheers Doyen

  24. Robert Tucker says:

    yes he is fxxking himself with bernie brain.

  25. Avau Faaesea says:

    I love nature mud home with four natural elements the earth, fire, wind and water, which not only build us a place to live but live and breathe healthy, and will dissolve back to earth naturally when I'm gone instead of leaving Earth with poison metals and bricks that take centuries to decay. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate you, thanks!

  26. Arturo Gonzalez says:

    Bush did 9-11.

  27. 2394locke says:

    The dust bowls in Oklahoma were not made from not fertilizing but rather plowing up 10s of thousands of acres of natural grasslands that provided the cycles of rain…!!!
    When the grasslands were decimated it stopped the rain outright, and still today there are areas that have not recovered…

  28. sagelost says:

    family domains as outlined by anastasia is a big part of the solution,
    one hectare for everyone. watch video: SOc1qMVJ3fs

  29. Word Wordsworth says:

    38:13/1:22:16 Build permit

  30. ironpassion says:

    the landscape has about 150.000.000 square kilometers of landscape. a third of the landscape is used for agricultural applications. so there are still 100millions square kilometers left. if only 10% of this will be used, 10million square km will serve well for people by giving each individual a property of 1000 square meters . this is well above average for the most population. and if we are moving to live on the see by creating artificial islands, we are able to use a lot more surface for food production. by the way we destroy and waste a lot of food every day! overpopulation is a lie and the fake reason for gods adversary to reduce population

  31. ironpassion says:

    overpopulation is a big lie, the unwise use of our resources is a fact.

  32. zephyrquartz says:

    The thing this video is ignoring is the fact that gardening together, growing food together, will unify a community faster than anything. I don't see the point of putting in the threat of black power or whatever. Stupid. Also bamboo will take over some parts of the world where it isn't indigenous – particularly if people don't use it all the time for building and also there are not other plants that will counteract it or animals that will eat it.

  33. Beach Bum says:

    If there is no compromising, then how can one expect everyone to work together for everyone's benefit; drawing a hard line turns people away especially when you're so dogmatic. But I believe that Earth comes first because it is our home; we should continue to sink money into R&D in search of producing our own energy; we can produce almost anything else; why can't we just begin by using our own energy products, not sucked out of the Earth, and over a course of time synthetic energy production would seek economies of scale and go down in price. The American Federal Govt has no ability to assist us in truly becoming energy efficient, because we are still dependent on the finite energy source of oil, and the Fed Govt continues to grandiosely waste our money on its criminal wars, which leaves no money for energy research and development; we're still stuck in the dirty rut of oil.

  34. Alan Chris says:

    It's weird that the nature lovers are worried about extinction, nature is wiser and more powerful than you give credit for humans are an expression of nature whatever we do is what nature is doing separating your ego from nature isn't really the right way of looking at things, the dinosaurs went extinct to make way for humans we'll make way for another species. Whatever happens is nature's course.

  35. Jackie Joseph says:

    Hows about we make a Global Nonprofit to demonstrate peace & abundance. Use all the suppressed tech laying low as a multiple asset global commons w/an invitation for anyone to buy into Vastu, dowsing, supportive eco & habitat rights for all. Chant Hari Hari & dance like who ki choo, Krsna how do you do!

  36. Curtis Newton says:

    we're not fucked if we kill 3/4 of human population, oh wat, they call that 3rd world war….

  37. Jefferdaughter says:

    The Dust Bowl – not created by 'lack of fertilization', but by plowing. Plowing prairie (grasslands) and savanna (grassland dotted with trees, or open woodlands with grasses and forbs covering the ground) that was best suited for grazing by large herds (once numbering in the several millions), especially the dryer shortgrass prairie, turned to dust and blew away during a famous period of drought. After that era, government encouraged the partial restoration of those lands by the installation of windbreaks and hedgerows which slowed the winds. Dust on the winds was dropped there, instead of being carried to the next county, the next state, or to the Gulf, or even to the cities. In recent years, most of these windbreaks have been removed. Will history repeat itself? The inevitable is being temporarily held back by fossil water pumped with fossil fuels on fields fertilized with fossil fuel derived synthetic fertilizers, and sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides made from fossil fuels (mostly petroleum based chemicals).
    As a result, most of the surface water (ponds, streams), and much of the groundwater including home wells, has been contaminated by these chemicals. The soil is eroding, with more soil washing and blowing away than soy, corn, and other crops produced. And the soil is becoming salted via irrigation. (Not to mention that fracking and natural gas wells are polluting even deep aquifers.)
    These windbreaks of trees and shrubs provided additional benefits: habitat for beneficial insects and birds that preyed on pest insects; habitiat and food for wildlife and game; and benefits to the hydrological cycle via the action of deep roots; and the creation of milder microclimates in the lee of these hedges.

  38. Jackie Joseph says:

    Industrial, slaughterhouse, is not civilized. The greed must be checked. Earth can easily supply 10x the population, when consciousness is in a more pure state. THEgoal of human life is to re-awaken our identity as spirit-soul, little spark of God. Krishna is always greater than the totality of energies & entities that emanate from the Supreme Personality of Godhead! Take the peak perfection of a self realized, liberated being. We are Eternally youthful, blissful, knowing beings that each have a unique quality to share in loving exchange w/Krishna & naturally validate & love one another as particles of Krishna. We may be Godly empowered to express prema Bhakti the most perfect, energetic love, in action for the love of God. Then no anxiety. We are multi-dimensional beings. When you have a billion dollars all your thousand $ problems are over. Love life & Dharma will facilitate the victory. Defy Dharma & become eroded & destroyed. Dwarka City, 5,000 years old w/remnants to see today.

  39. jason smyth says:

    life is not destroying us all we are …….

  40. TheComputec says:

    Humans are the worst thing to ever inhabit planet earth.

  41. says:

    Curiously, I wonder how many of these people are vegan, with animal agriculture being the most destructive industry on the natural world.

  42. Sherry Bradshaw says:

    the guy talking at and around 28 has aged ive seen him on new vids and hes broke down with a cane now,wow!

  43. Deirdre Anne Kavanagh says:

    eco sense house

  44. fuckallhell says:

    "We are really fucked" my favorite quote

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