Framing — Barn Addition

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Danny does most of his own video clips while he is framing the barn addition.

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23 Responses

  1. Pia Hess says:

    Hello,it's coming along nicely.Real interesting how you build.This is going to be a very sturdy barn.Great idea to paint the wood with the tar product to keep the termites away.Continued good luck building you all's barn.Be well you two,and Hank,and all your critters.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡…..

  2. Chris says:

    The barn is progressing well. You're fortunate not to have codes for barns. Thanks for sharing your process.

  3. davidlee0817 says:

    Your a Hand Danny!! I’m still out there in the construction, these guys nowadays ‘ ,, well there’s just not many Hands’’ left brother,,,, All you’re work top notch, thanks y’all

  4. Robert Jackson says:

    Danny. Another great video. Its amazing the amount of little detail you applied to your building. I wish when your paying someone to build something they applied the amout of care you are giving it. Build it right the first time and move on. You wont need to goof with it in the future. Hoping I can make the spring get together.

  5. Chip Geil says:

    Looking good Danny,

  6. Saddle Ridge says:

    Hey Danny. Your how to videos are good for beginners because you take the time to mention the elementary things that some other experienced people forget to mention, because they are so used to basics, the forget to ever mention it. It's great to see this barn addition come together, you must be excited , too!

  7. Sand Hollow Homestead says:

    Danny, you are a very good teacher. I appreciate your taking the time to teach and allow us to learn your knowledge. God bless you!

  8. Sheri Papin says:

    Lookin" Good!

  9. Glen Okla says:

    It's looking great Danny! Very nice job!

  10. Stac Homestead says:

    Kudos, it looks great.✔️

  11. Debbie McMurtry says:

    it's looking good and coming together Danny, it won't be long now and it'll be finished.

  12. Mr. Rain says:

    Nicely done Danny. Like that old level. Momma Rain calls my reclaim resources Hillbilly piles.

  13. Darin Blackburn says:

    Enjoying the barn build. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  14. james manley says:

    I real enjoyed watching, I have built lots of buildings in my time, but really learned some thing about foundations.

  15. Anastasia Kakoulidou-Karamanea says:

    God bless you. Natasha

  16. Morgan Brunson says:

    timbor…a boric acid solution works great for termites. a cheaper way is roachproof powder aka boric acid at the dollar store dusted on the wood. as long as it's not washed off it works forever. and it's organic approved. the black tar should work well though i would go two ft high.

  17. Christie Betts says:

    Lookin good!

  18. Jared Quandt says:

    Nice Job

  19. John Johnson says:

    Your good at explaining details a novice needs. You really should put out more of these type of videos. So many people leave out small details that have a big impact on a building project.

  20. Countreegirl says:

    Great instructions! You make it look easy Danny! Lol

  21. Annie Farmer says:

    WOW what a excellent job! Boy I think that will hold up against any storm! I understand about the moisture and winds! It looks great Danny! I need to hire you to build my barn! LOL again Excellent job!

  22. Brandy Monica says:

    Good Morning Danny… Where's Mrs. Wanda? Your work is looking Good! I'll be watching this building til you're finished…. Blessings to you both! <3 <3

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