Full day of eating | Indian Bodybuilding Diet

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If that’s what you are looking for. You have come at the right place.

This is what I eat in a day to build muscle.


You can replace eggs with whey protein isolate. To watch the detailed version of this recipe, click here

Click here to watch a vegetarian breakfast recipe:


To watch the vegetarian, vegan and eggetarian versions of the same recipe click here


To know why you should not buy mass gainer shake from the market, click here

Also to know 7 other pre workout meal options, you can checkout this video


To find out other post workout meal options, click here.


You can replace chicken with 150 grams of low fat paneer, egg white bhurji, 150 grams of tofu or pulses.

You can replace sweet potato with 100 grams of brown rice, 2 whole wheat chapatti or 60 grams of oats.

Make sure you do not skip salad. It gives you the essential vitamins and minerals. Also, it helps in bowel movements.


Prefer making paneer at home from a low fat milk. Just boil the milk and add lemon to separate paneer.

Make sure you are drinking enough water and drinking it the right way. Click here to watch the video:

I hope you found this video helpful. Well, if you did do



Thanks for visiting.

I wish you good health.
Fit Tuber

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47 Responses

  1. Fit Tuber says:

    Dear Friends! Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I won't be able to upload video the coming Friday. I sincerely apologise to the Fit Tuber community. I will be back on Jan 5, 2018 at 7 PM (IST). Thanks for all the love and support!!!

  2. Susan Dunn says:

    Very helpful tips .I look forward to making you simple tasty meals.

  3. Ajay Sahu says:

    I love it

  4. Ajay Sahu says:

    Super video amezing

  5. jaswinder singh says:

    Hi, Haaaa video, I don't know what has happened to you Indian guys have you watched yourself in the video or a mirror, you are a twig not a bodybuilder I get that in your f#$% mind you are a body builder. But reality check you are a twig. Please grow some sense in your head and be realistic.
    may be you are a youtuber who like to make videos i give that but stop calling your self a bodybuilder.

  6. shahnawaz hussain says:

    how much does it costs??…


    but where is ur muscles dear ?

  8. Fashion Whol says:

    Hindi me bola karo yar

  9. Rupali Thakre says:

    You eat too fast

  10. Prakash Nirmal says:

    Well narrated….well presented….All the best…..(yes liked it)

  11. Aravinth Aravinth says:

    Bro need to lose weight what's the receipe

  12. Naran Mondal says:

    Healthy food eating full day for bellow 2200

  13. Rox Guy says:

    Your height and weight bruh?

  14. saudi Arabia life style Entertainment says:

    India se hi pauses huaa thaa kahi aur to-do Hindi bhi bolna sikhle

  15. B H R says:

    Full day of diet …

    1) get some money( 200-250/day)
    2)complete 1st step .

  16. YOGITA KUSHWAH says:

    Need your help.. I am suffering from pcos since 8 years, tried with all the medical treatment including allopethic, homopethic, ayurvedic. Each medicine is temporarily effective.
    I am following you since long.. your research seems very accurate.
    Please suggest if anything you can do for me, and for all girls who is suffering from this problem.
    It will be very helpful for us.

  17. Vanshaj Arora says:

    Make video on homemade fast food for muscle building

  18. Sushant Vats says:

    1no video bro

  19. liem nguyen van says:

    i Just Buy Brute Gains With Price Verycheap From this brutegainscheap.host?

  20. Prabhat Yadav says:

    Bhai Kitna khayega

  21. laxman singh says:

    Best bro

  22. saifi Z says:

    According to your body you cannot digest 10 eggs in one time take 6 otherwise you are wasting your money.

  23. Dattu shetty says:

    Superb excellent

  24. Timothy Solly says:

    Awesome video bro, BUT you may want to research the dangers of using aluminum to cool with. Super bad for you.

  25. meet devashrayee says:

    Please review himalayas qusta Pro.

  26. vijaya reddy says:

    I love the way teach n inspiring us …

  27. manik safaya says:

    Breakfast ,lunch,dinner ho gya par sasur tumhara muscle Kahan Hain…Khali video ke liye Kiya hain Kya..

  28. Naveen Dasari says:

    evening workout is good or bad?


    Sodi gaadivi nuvvu tintaava dinner same cheppinattu

  30. Amen Hush says:

    If i drink that much of water i will end up spending 80%of my day in the loo

  31. Govind Palanisamy says:

    Are you really working at office?what kind of work is that?

  32. Savithri Nadmichettu says:

    I thought you were a vegetarian somehow,now I am so disappointed and sad!

  33. Dragon ball super lover says:

    Horlicks Protein plus is good or Bad.?

  34. goutham krish says:

    Can i know how much it cost for a day.

  35. Mukesh Kumar says:

    Bahut khate ho

  36. Maaz Hasan says:

    You should sleep 1/2 an hour before 12 pm

  37. guri sidhu says:

    #fittuber make video for healthy lifestyle for teenager to maintain there weight but increase there muscle strength.

  38. soumya P says:

    Hi Vivek.. Please do a video for gym beginners.. I am eagerly waiting for your suggestions so I can start gym.. please cover topics like

    1.a personal trainer is necessary or not ?
    2.Tips for reducing muscle cramps etc

  39. Abhilash Yadav says:

    Ek din me itna protin

  40. Aijaz Memon says:

    Rundii ka bachy tu b English baat krage tu phr hum Tere q dekh

  41. Vissu Raju says:

    sorry to say it almost looks like dog food home made all are taste less food

  42. Sagar Chavan says:

    Itna khane ke baad bhi kuchh nhi

  43. rhythm 01 says:

    You are indian version of athleanx my friend…good job..

  44. karthik vijay says:

    simple and neat

  45. Bujji G says:

    1st time I M watching ur vedios n dnging it's very nice n benefit thank u bro

  46. arun chouksey says:

    You are eating like राक्षस

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