Garden Organic and The Heritage Seed List

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Are you a member yet? A little chat about the benefits of becoming a member, what heirloom seeds I’ve ordered, and the research I’ll be taking part in.

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6 Responses

  1. A little dirt never hurt says:

    Sounds really interesting, I like the little courses they do!! Film the soil test please, I'm curious:))

  2. Ant's Allotment says:

    Shall have a butchers

  3. Erica's Little Welsh Garden says:

    That lab lab bean sounds amazing!

  4. Erica's Little Welsh Garden says:

    I can't wait to do the Pea one and the soil one.

  5. My Family Garden says:

    Love it! Going after heritage varieties and keeping traditions alive! We call that type of calaloo, dugi or denga! Cook it like a spinich with prawns it'll be awesome! I have seeds sent over from Bangladesh

  6. Ronald Shaw - Car Park Growing Area says:

    Hi Kelly, Great video on the heritage front, Thank you for sharing, Take care.

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