Gardening: 10 Reasons To Grow Food At Home!

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Gardening has many benefits. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider growing food at home!

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  1. Lakshmi Sangameswaran says:

    Hi Dan, I'm a big fan of your gardening channel. I live in San Jose; would like to grow some of the collards/kale you've in your garden. Tree collard (purple) has been growing in my garden for the last few years, providing nutrition every winter. Do you sell the seeds for your collards? Thank you so very much.

  2. Sir Christopher Odell says:

    Just watching your video just made gave me hope in not to give up on my gardening

  3. Amaranta Anti NWO says:

    Awesome vid, greetings from colombia southamerica !

  4. Lena McCown says:


  5. Ru Dab says:

    Love the way you present this video ❤️

  6. Steven Brown says:

    england and parts of europe have started food rationing!!!Get gardening..

  7. tohopes says:

    Here's a reason: I've recently gone onto a Low-Carb/High-Fat diet, and limiting myself to only fruit that I grow myself should help me to appreciate the value and density of the natural sugar-rich foods that I will allow myself to consume.

    3:49 ↖ doggie kisses

  8. Sir Christopher Odell says:

    I can sleep in that garden

  9. Sir Christopher Odell says:

    The way I feel right now is that I just wanna cry cause your garden look like heaven.
    God bless you and the family on your beautiful garden.

  10. Judy Howell says:

    My stress savior but I have birds and butterflies but the bees are few ;(

  11. Mr.Sweet says:

    Thanks for the share! great video, so much food!

  12. Mary Maria says:

    Yummiest every bits !

  13. Cathie Galbraith says:

    Fantastic! I would love to share it with some other YouTube channels I follow but I do not know how to accomplish that. Any ideas?

  14. Hanna Francis says:

    Love the video! I've got another one too: Gardening helps teach you more about how your food grows! I've been a lot more mindful of buying seasonal produce since learning what grows when in my garden.

  15. Stephanie Simon says:

    Please Lord bless me with some land, I would love to have something like this.

  16. The Citystead says:

    fun video!

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