Gardening: Edible Plants : How to Grow San Pedro Cactus

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The San Pedro cactus will do well living outdoors in mild or warm climates, or it can be grown in an indoor container in colder climates. Allow plenty of drainage when growing the San Pedro cactus with helpful advice from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening.

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39 Responses

  1. WesleyAPEX says:

    I can grow them outside in my yard year round here in Dallas Texas!

  2. Taydrum says:

    They like to be root bound? Eh, No but they throw out pups if they are root bound

  3. DonWeiyu says:


  4. Scott Stout II says:

    Technically edible…will make you trip balls.

  5. Thomas Hagel says:

    Right on not watering in winter and Peru… but for the most part this is all made up. HALARIOUS

  6. powerinformation says:

    she is so high

  7. rmessenger says:

    Does anyone else notice how colorful that globe is!

  8. Anthony M says:

    That lady was totally tripping on mescaline when they made this video, hahaha!

  9. IngolfurArnar says:

    I'm lookin' forward eatin' my San Pedro. Can't wait 🙂 But it's still only around 8"

  10. Paleface says:


  11. Wyatt Berry says:

    well she didnt say anything about eating it so I don't think it really maters

  12. Wyatt Berry says:

    I'm sure she does, and I'm sure she trips everyday

  13. Joe Dirte' says:

    I wonder if she knows that eating this plant is a felony

  14. Tanner Cryden says:


    Im wondering if you can tell me more about the "start(s)" you mentioned around 1:45 in the video.
    All i could gather is that its a way a growing more cacti which, is something i am very interested in doing. Any input is appreciated.

  15. Ryan Miller says:


  16. Pete Felix says:

    @RyanSC12 I know huh i think she was trying to stay serious and they had tons of retakes lol

  17. grandaddynative says:

    bigger pots make bigger plants period.

  18. mikeathiest says:

    @empbac Thats a shit load of cactus to eat, I dont see how you can eat that much. Why dont you boil it down?

  19. Jeffery Goines says:

    She could have explained how to extract mescaline if she wanted to be really helpful.

  20. Artorias the Abysswalker says:

    @empbac you are my hero! heehee

  21. that1nigglet says:

    1:26 and 1:32= Ghost in between the black and beige pots.

  22. SaTeve says:

    Hamburger helper advertisement? Man, I hope google goes under soon!

  23. jamal X says:

    @empbac very well said

  24. used_tissues says:

    @RyanSC12 nope, shes from ehow they have the most basic information about anything they talk about…….

  25. Sam Ann says:

    the title say 'edible'. are these edible plants? i heard that they are poisonous & may cause hallucinations.

  26. Ben Martin says:

    I'm growing 6 cacti right now. Hope they all grow to 15 ft.

  27. Ronald James says:

    i've learned more from reading comments then to listening to that woman. ehow needs to step up their game…

  28. shyman1 says:

    I hope she knows that this plant contains mescalin, one of the strongest psychedelic chemicals.

  29. spannerfaction says:

    lies ! u can grow it anywhere in any soils, in or outdoors !

  30. used_tissues says:

    @RyanSC12 shes probably frying as i type this message haha

  31. gootch h says:

    this video doesnt provide that much info

    it pretty much says its a cactus it likes hot weather (no shit!)

    dont drowned in water (that's obvious)

    and theyre prickly (really?)

  32. WestLosFightsENT says:

    @IndigoVagrant yea also mind the fact that its a drug lol.

  33. WestLosFightsENT says:

    @RyanSC12 lol i was wondering the same thing too.. next thing you know everyone is gonna be blaming her for overdosing on san pedro lol =P

  34. PixelShifter says:

    I wonder if she know that the this cactus is psychoactive….

  35. IndigoVagrant says:

    Cactus smoothies are a bad idea. Too much plant material.

    Lemon extraction is necessary.

  36. Davey Face says:

    you need about 2 pounds probably at least 2-3 feet more is better if you have leftovers your good but if its not enough then its a waste

  37. empbac says:

    Depends on the mescaline content of the particular cutting; it can vary. If you're into chemistry, you could do an easy acid/base extraction and take it in pill form, otherwise it's supposed to be 8-12" for one "hit". A moderate to heavy trip would likely be about 2', and it also depends on your body weight. If you are on the lighter side you won't need as much as someone who is 200+ lbs (90+ kilos).

  38. Brian Sobczak says:

    lol, I just get confused by the fact that it is legal to own/buy/sell/grow san pedro cactus and many ppl do just thinking it's a friendly house plant but at the same time it contains mescaline which definitely isn't legal.

  39. shunyotube says:

    How interesting…to have this presented in this way. When fascism is the rule, it's smart, but there is a tad of a risk that someone may get the wrong idea. Still, love the vid.

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