General Agriculture-Series 1 (Agronomy)

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Book list of Agronomy JRF
Principles of Agronomy by T Yellamanda & G H Sankara Reddy Reddy
Principles of Agronomy by SR Reddy
Textbook of Field Crops Production : Foodgrain Crops Vol. 1 by Rajendra Prasad
Textbook of Field Crops Production : Commercial Crops Vol. II by Rajendra Prasad
Weed Science :Basics and Applications by Das TK
Fundamentals of Weed Science: A Text Book by O P Gupta
Introductory Soil Science by Dilip Kumr Das
Agriculture at a Glance by R K Sharma ,S K Bhoi, N Pandey, S Shinde, V K Pandey & B B Singh
Objective Agronomy by K. Velayudham N. Thavaprakaash
Books for General Agriculture
Fundamentals of Agriculture Vol.-1&2 by Arun Katyayan
A Competitive Book of Agriculture by Nem Raj Sunda
Objective Agriculture for JRF Exam. (17th Edition) (Seventeenth Edition, 2016) by Dr. S. R. Kantwa
Objective Agriculture for ARS/NET 17th Edition by Dr. S. R. Kantwa
1. Father of Agronomy ? Petrus de Crescentiis
2. Jhum cultivation is mainly practice in ? Eastern India
3. Ecological balance is an objective of ? Sustainable Agriculture
4. Who wrote Horse hoeing husbandry ? Jethrotull
5. Farming which include crop production and animal husbandry ? Mixed farming

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