Get 3 Times More Tomatoes By Simply Using Your Fingers!

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Everyone wants more tomatoes, but very few people understand how easy it is to get almost 1005 fruit set on your tomatoes by using this simple trick. Try it! It only takes a few seconds per flower and you can use your fingers!
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18 Responses

  1. Janna Schroeder says:

    what did you plant with the strawberries??

  2. Patty Smith says:

    Doesn't get down to business til 5:30ish. Will give it a try Thanks

  3. LazyH-Online says:

    Does this work for cucumbers too?

    I'll give you a nickel if you tickle my pickles.

  4. Amanda Andersson says:

    Thank you for the tips in gardening, now I understand why my cucumbers and zucchinis don’t get fruits but I got lots of tomatoes. I only grow them in big buckets on our balcony but next summer we will be growing vegetables in our garden (we’re moving in nov this year) so I need all the gardening tips. I live in Sweden and it’s zone 3. More power and success to your channel!

  5. AwoudeX says:

    Been growing my own tomatoes for the first time this year, they went 2 meter high and near 100% fruit formed. Even bugs aren't lazy and fat in my country i guess :p

  6. Haley Collentro says:

    I’m dying right now. I’m sorry I’m immature but thanks for the video

  7. Steve schatz says:

    Can you recomend a good lube?

  8. buchibabu b says:

    Thank you for sharing…I need this idea really bad….I will try today

  9. Dick Diggler says:

    Do I use one finger or three? Depends on the female I spose.

  10. AxCxfortheWin says:

    Indoor growing and greenhouses with strong, rotating fans work just as well

  11. Garrett robbins says:

    first thing I thought of was to have a tri pod chair and then attach the toothbrush to a thin pole

  12. Mickee Mickee says:

    From Michigan: Thanks for the tips!

  13. Blaine Ralph Trarop Jr says:

    I was using a few Qtips to pollinate mine. I had no idea it was this easy! I'm soo glad I watched this video

  14. Mark Henry says:

    Thanks, ben having a time with my tomatoes. I got about 120 plants for free of various types and sizes/ages. Got a few fruits starting [[took me a month to get them all in as my garden was way overgrown from a past owners useless adventures with "Native Plants [[aka Weeds]] that he was growing so I was planting then cutting and burning then planting until I got them all in. Seeing flowers and been wodering how to get them to fruit. Any way to get them to flower?

  15. Deborah Moen says:

    You are easy to learn from fun to watch and I thank you for teaching us how to do this with our tomatoes.

  16. George T Ramos says:


    I'm a new subscriber. I have a question about pruning suckers on tomato plants. There are those who reccomend it and those who don't. I've been doing it for some time but I'm thinking about just letting the plants grow. What do you suggest?

  17. Edward Arthur Kenneth says:

    Ok, I have been wondering why all my flowers have been falling off and my yields are low. Thank you!

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