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I had mentioned in my last video that I really stuck to one look the majority of November. I wanted to show you how I got that look. It’s one that never fails me, and when I don’t want to think about what look to do; it’s a go to! Love y’all and hope you enjoy the video! Please like and subscribe before you leave..it really helps me out!

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21 Responses

  1. Sherri H says:

    Hi Mandy, you know how I love your channel although, I think this look is just a bit too "glowy", also girl you look beautiful with color on your lips!! I remember the video you did when showing your new lip colors, they looked so pretty on you I went and bought them all! Slap some color on those lips girlfriend!!

  2. Heather CT says:

    I have been loving cream eye shadows lately. Ever since the time change I'm having problems getting going in the morning. Using them gets me out the door faster with a1 shadow look

  3. JND 0630 says:

    Your so beautiful and the very best makeup artist. I'm hoping your doing well, you seem a bit off, sending you all good feelings.

  4. Linda Lincoln says:

    Could you do a video using the Persona Pink Palette?

  5. linda dee says:

    Thanks Mandy 🙂 lovely skin and glowing look. 🙂

  6. Laura Stern says:

    Help! Now I am craving Wayne Goss eye brushes! Do you only have 16 or you have others? What would you recommend if I’m buying one or two? I have small-ish eyes.

  7. Shelley Carr says:

    Living for the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in these cold months! Keeping my lips soft and chap free! ❤ keep a travel size in my purse for the day – gives a luminous healthy glow to the lips.

  8. Laura H says:

    Hi Mandy! What brush did you use for the colorescience/concealer mixture and the highlighter? They look like the perfect size

  9. Ulane Holliday says:

    Such a gorgeous look on u. I had forgotten about my champagne pop, it got shoved to the back of my drawer after buying too much stuff at all these sales. U reminded me to get it back out after seeing u use it in the corners of your eyes…..made your eyes stand out even more. Your makeup looked outstanding! Thanks Mandy for another great video.

  10. lety reyna says:


  11. Susan Johnson says:

    Would you say Just Peachy is neutral or cool? Won't I feel the fool if it is warm lol? Love the tip to use the peach corrector on a red chin. That's me!!

  12. Ileana Guerrero says:

    I love when you do makeup tutorials

  13. Cloonanne says:

    Beautiful look!

  14. Elizabeth S says:

    Came over from Stephanie Marie, really enjoyed this video.

  15. Susan B says:

    Your face definitely glows before applying makeup; the makeup just enhances your beautiful, radiant skin. Love the highlighter on your eyelids. My dark circles have been worse between allergies, colds, lack of sleep and also due to my thyroid issues. Ughh. Concealers & correctors do help but mine are definitely darker lately too.

  16. Beverly Saylor says:

    Hi Mandy, I pulled out my Just Peachy Mattes so I can use it tomorrow…it has been sitting way too long. I'm really enjoying that First Aid concealer. The other one I had (and I can't remember which one!) was giving me milia. I have ruled out the SkinMedica Lytera as causing my skin breakouts. I've started using the Osmosis Rescue again so I'll let you know. The one thing I've been using this month is liquid lipsticks….I have a love/hate relationship with them. Love them for the staying power and also the colors but they dry the heck out of my lips.
    I have picked up that foundation several times but in my Ulta they are so yucky and look like they have been there forever. It looks beautiful on you! xxoo

  17. Kris R says:

    Hi Mandy. I love your go to look and I can usually modify it for my hooded eyes. I am loving and working the Hourglass Ambient Edit 3 before I break into my Unlocked palette. But it’s sitting there just waiting for me ha! I also love Mac’s Modesty. The creamsheen formula is my favorite.

  18. Shamen Lippmin says:

    I’m loving the First Aid Beauty concealer as well!!! Thanks for the recommendation!!

  19. jessigreer says:

    That is such a gorgeous look-you look amazing!!

  20. Gail Jacobson says:

    I love your channel and I’m happy to see that it’s growing!

  21. Diana Leon says:

    Mandy, you always are such a joy to watch! Wishing you a fantastic Wednesday!

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