GOE Estate Sale – Come by for Sustainable Treasure!

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We are moving to Eden 2.0, and we have HUGE collections of things to rehome!

– furniture
– clothing
– sustainable building materials
– gardening equipment
– household goods
– flooring – tile, hardwood, vinyl
– doors
– windows
– appliances
– electronics
– toys
– camping and survival gear
– kitchenware
– linens
– frames
– materials for DIY projects

We have multiple sheds and a barn filled with treasure to pick through.

We also have a boutique area with primo items (not garage sale prices!) – vintage clothing, handmade knives, stones & crystals, handmade jewelry and much, MUCH more!


Sales to be held weekly until March.

THIS WEEKEND 8 am – 3 pm


The Garden of Eden is the most sustainable organization in the state of Texas (and probably the nation). We’re focused on our values of integrity, honor, responsibility, accountability, freedom, and family, and spend our lives feeding, clothing, housing, and educating people. Our Eden Knights live on less than $1 a day each, and we feed 40,000 free meals a year without government assistance, corporate sponsorship, or rich benefactors! We have a negative carbon footprint; use composting toilets; grow food; cook year-round on outdoor, wood-burning rocket stoves we built by hand from earth; reduce/reuse/recycle; shower from our well; and barter and trade for most of the goods and services we require. We are 100% dedicated to PROCEEDS NOT PROFITS; everything we offer is by donation to our humanitarian works and social outreach.

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