Grow Your Natural Hair .5 INCH Overnight! TESTED!!! (Eggs, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil…)

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22 Responses

  1. IT's De'Quana LD says:

    Does she not notice she had something yellow in between her bottom teeth

  2. Ayesha Patel says:


  3. Dani B says:

    It work for me, but everybody’s hair is different


    Not to interrupt but you have food in your teeth not trying to be rude just wanted to be the real one who says it

  5. Diane Bichanga says:

    Love her nails

  6. Dee Bee says:

    Even 0.5 inches overnight is totally impossible. You might have temporarily stretched your hair but honey it did NOT grow. I don't know how people get on these channels telling people this crap. Like you can literally do this and watch your hair grow! OMG. Stop just stop.

  7. Akdar Boudchicha says:

    ممكن الترجمة للعربية

  8. Brittany Rocha says:

    I was completely bald and I've been doing one egg mixed with 1tbs honey 1tbs olive oil and my hair has grown alot. In one month my hair has grown 10 inches. So basicly it depends on what you put in your mask snd how you distribute your mask in your hair. My hair grew 1 inch in 1 day with the mask.

  9. Cherokee Gotti says:

    Idk if you've ever heard this. But you look like Aaliyah. To me at least

  10. Daddy says:

    This girl is gorgeous

  11. Sadora Paris says:

    Subscribe to my NEW DOPE af Youtube VLOG Channel!

  12. BobbieJean Turgeon says:

    Sorry Sadora for this question, but what was all in the first mixture? Was it egg olive oil and coconut oil? And how much of each one dear?

  13. Lilly Borden says:

    She said im two seconds from athrides or however u spell it

  14. Izzy Engelhart says:

    Stuff is in her teeth aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaa

  15. Nai Hawwash says:

    I tried it and IT WORKSSSS…but i tried in the day and i kept it for an hour then I showered

  16. زهرت الربيع says:

    ترجمه بالعربي

  17. Val Hud says:

    You did a great job best of luck with your career

  18. None None says:

    The side was 7 inches in the beginning. You misread, but we could see. And do you really have to curse. So offensive to Christian viewers. I'm sure those who aren't offended wouldn't miss it… So why not be neutral to accommodate everyone?

  19. Kelly Zemrose says:

    Shes so beautiful

  20. Nina Rose says:

    Yeah I think it's possible cuz everytime I get a haircut and I wake up the next day its back and I'll get it like shave off just after a certain length the growing process slows down

  21. Music man That likes old and new music says:

    Fuzzy hair is in all the vids and all the people with fuzzy hair gets the results

  22. Anna Bracegirdle says:

    It will get longer if you do the hair mask every week

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