Growing Organic Corn

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Home gardeners can grow corn. Get tips on how to grow sweet corn or popping corn in your yard to ensure proper pollination. Growing corn is fun and Christy Wilhelmi of Gardenerd shows you how. You’ll be ready to grow your own corn this spring!

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8 Responses

  1. muhammad tariq says:

    Hi how are you.which country you belong to

  2. Aubrey Lockwood says:

    Trying corn for the first time. We put out our lawn clippings and tree leaves into the soil in the winter. Will this compost be good enough to grow corn or do I need to fertilize it some more. If I need to fertilize, what do you reccomend.

  3. Scott Somerville says:

    Christy thats corn

  4. ray bon says:

    I got six corn plants 6 inches high. Cause I may have watered to much.

  5. S Williams says:

    My garden trowel loves your videos.

  6. Brandy Sorensen says:

    How long did it take you to grow your corn and when did you grow it in the year ?

  7. Camilo Trevino says:

    More . . .

    Great Topic Christy for the early spring coming and how to maximize on growing organic snacks (Popcorn). Love the Tuesday Tips – You just earned another subscriber . .

    What are other reasons for the 3×3 Plots? Thanks a bunch!

  8. AnoushBotanical says:

    Nice and concise… Planting cucumbers at their feet using the Cornstalks as a trellis works plus keeps raccoons from cob confiscation!

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