Guy’s Rant: The plastic problem

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What is the problem with plastic?

Riverford founder Guy called for a unified recycling system 12 years ago, and only now are Government reviewing it. This isn’t the time for greenwash, now is the time to step up.

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5 Responses

  1. Debbie Leigh says:

    We run a small scale organic vegbox scheme in Wales with exactly the same problem – thanks Guy for raising awareness.

  2. Meep says:

    Bravo, well stated, and you can only do you're best, which is what ya doing.

  3. Jenny Bassett says:

    Brilliant rant. Leadership? From this government? In your dreams! I'm a Shillingford customer from not far away, and equally bewildered and enraged by the inconsistency of recycling, lack of coherent information, and bureaucratic inertia.

  4. Heather Tucker says:

    Guy you are so right! We need the Government to stop brushing this issue under the carpet! What planet are we going to leave for our future generation?

  5. thedr00 says:

    Guy's properly angry in this one, good on him, the inaction by our govt is shameless: They're all mouth and no trousers. I'm proud to be a Riverford customer, thank you for increasing our awareness of these issues.

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