Half Acre Organic Farm in Dallas | Shoulder workout at Destination

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Visiting my friend Michael’s Half Acre farm. Also hit a workout at Destination Dallas right after.

Video: Madison Martin

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17 Responses

  1. T T says:

    I think it would be hilarious if you went to one of those Cube Of Truth or similar things. Nobody would dare argue that vegans cannot get protein or nutrients lol

  2. Jack Louis serino says:

    Great vid. I’m thinking of doing exactly this in the UK. I’m just wondering on prices, does it he sell for cheaper or more expensive than supermarkets?

  3. AR Records says:

    I subbed

  4. Julian J. Franco says:

    Very legit my friend, I'm all about organic farming! Thanks J!

  5. Miss Anthrope says:

    It’s the scalar energy from the sun**

  6. Anabolic Amaranth says:

    My backyard garden I had in Dallas had a rough time in the summer. I should have grown more through the winter when I lived down there. Actually I overwintered Kale last year here in Columbus OH.

  7. Bad Username says:

    Clean soil and fresh air fast recovery this guy is real cool. I'm doing red russian kale too, might grow some purple carrots with thr hot peppers and tomato's garlic chives i'm growin

  8. Vegan For The Animals Ⓥ says:

    Interesting video, Izzy….this stuff is the key to good health….your training, attitude, and your healthy meals are inspiring and helpful to me

  9. Herbivore Nation says:

    Interesting stuff. I’m about to visit an organic farm here in Thailand and learn their techniques. I’m excited to try some pure veg that’s picked when ripe

  10. Konversion Fit says:

    Awesome ! My family has a farm too (small) I get a lot of my produce from it seasonally too. Ya we got our own mixed greens mix taste so good . Thanks for sharing man!!

  11. mt nguyen says:

    Your friend looks good

  12. Scott Hebert says:

    Really cool video! Love seeing this farm

  13. Eric says:

    good shit man

  14. Chris Romo says:

    great video

  15. Leonard Richardson says:

    I gotta get like you man. Your body is phenomenal.. pause

  16. JARRET MATTA says:

    been a long time.

  17. jbrown259237 says:

    JI Fitness!!!!!

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