HD How To Grow Sweet Peppers Using Starter Plants

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32 Responses

  1. Linda Carll says:

    When is the best time ti grow bell peppers in Florida. I live in central west near Tampa. thanks for great video.

  2. Monty Dean says:

    I wish you would do a video of crop rotation.

  3. Monty Dean says:

    Would a be any different for jalapeno?

  4. Vatcharavee Claridge says:

    Thank you Hollis & Nancy’s..

  5. Vatcharavee Claridge says:

    Very helpful thanks again..

  6. Vatcharavee Claridge says:

    Hi there I just start gardening as well and I am interested cultivator that you used would you mind to tell me where I can I get it and which blend and how much? It’s going to

  7. Mingo Rivero says:

    Imma try growing some peppers in pots .

  8. Mr. Ken 6.5-06 longrange grdhog eliminator Miller says:

    Hello Hollis & Nancy, how would fish meal work? …………………………Ken & Beverly.

  9. Charlie Mcgriff says:

    Good afternoon family just getting started on tilling my garden am going use black cow manure

  10. Cooper Cannabis541 says:

    I am growing the carnival blend for the first time and the plant only grew 8" tall in my 2 gallon pot. Is size of the pot effecting my growth that much? I don't understand.

  11. bonsia trees/seeds and plants for beginners Paton says:

    Hi thanks for showing am after a indeterminate pepper plant is there one? great video

  12. Neidas Cezar says:

    I am growing jalapeno peppers but they have been in the ground almost a month but still no flowers?  Any help?

  13. cheryl Martin says:

    Only human

  14. gwen27405 says:

    I have these exact plants I've had in my fabric pots for at least a month, but I have no peppers yet. Healthy looking leaves though. Any ideas about what I'm doing wrong? My green beans and pole beans too. I was thinking of pulling them all

  15. Lucy Byrd says:

    Good evening. Please tell me what kind of fence is that green one. I need to get that kind for my garden. Thank you and I LOVE your how to videos. It helps me very much

  16. Gail Williams says:

    My first time gardening and I planted bell peppers yesterday wish me luck and God bless you all love your videos

  17. sansaviera says:

    Hi Hollis. Do you top your pepper plants? Ive done it twice and each time the plant went dormant and then dies. I see so much about topping and pruning but it has never worked for me. What about you?

  18. Justin Brink says:

    What the hell kind of fish is that? That ain't no largemouth bass

  19. Brian Cmolik says:

    Hey! I just found ya'll today and I've subscribed and been binge watching your channel like a Netflix show! 🙂 I do have a quick question: What do you do with your harvest? When you get that many cuc's or peppers or tomatoes… I would assume they would go bad if you just ate them plain, so what would you recommend? Thanks!!!! God Bless – Brian

  20. Dywane Cox says:

    Im growing sweet peppers. Trying the no till method with organic compost, worms, and fall leaves to let nature and the good lord grow it for me. I'll come back in the fall to tell youtube how that works for me.

  21. DRICK ANDERSON says:

    This guys got it going on

  22. bruce Channel says:

    very good informative video and I like you gave the lord the glory!

  23. Jared Brown says:

    I have a question about fish is their any kind of fish i should stay away from? Thanks for all the helpful information in your videos and greetings from Michigan.

  24. Meesho 21 says:

    Hi . do you have any videos on how you grow your tomaoes? Thanks

  25. Gary Pitts says:

    Very easy to understand,I use fish heads for my tomatoes,now I will use them for cakes,one question,do peppers have to be that far apart,I thought maybe around 15 inches.Thanks

  26. amphionification says:

    I can grow datils like crazy, but haven't had much luck with sweet pepper. I'm trying again this year.

  27. Honeybe36 says:

    Thanks I do have peppers growing and that wind is a heart breaker.

  28. Llda Schelhase says:

    Showed me a few things – thanks loads.

  29. Jade Reed says:

    Hi! I'm planting my first vegetable garden this year. Your video was really helpful but I have one question. Do you prune the peppers at any point? I've come across some who say do and others who say don't. Id love your input. Thank you so much! Have a blessed day!

  30. Taina Baker says:

    @Hollis&NancyHomestead I was wondering about mosquitos. I have so many in the garden once the plants start to grow I can barely go out long enough to weed anything down

  31. Karen's Homestead says:

    Can I use fish emulsion instead? Love your videos. Thank you.

  32. Eric Polino says:

    Grew peppers with great success last year. I'm going at it again this year with expanded crops, including some hot chillis (reapers and ghosts)! Question: in your reaper video you mention topping them at planting. have you talked about the benefits of topping them in detail in any video? i hear it's good to promote bushing. i'm just not sure how much is enough and how much is too much.

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