Hero Squad: Under the Dragon’s Shadow – #7 – TROUBLE COMES TO SHIFTER TOWN! (Dungeons & Dragons)

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On the continent of Khorvaire, a faithless paladin, a wily rogue and a pair of bards come together on a quest for adventure and intrigue. Though they came together as strangers, they soon became the HERO SQUAD!

This week, trouble comes to shifter town!

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41 Responses

  1. Dante Welch says:

    Yay! Maybe atlas having night terrors is his god trying to contact him!

  2. Ja'Nice Walker says:

    this editing is top tier
    gotta say… I fucking love ittt

  3. Ja'Nice Walker says:

    also I feel like Rager keeps getting shit on in these episodes… much love to you Rager lol x333
    (was gonna say "Team Rager!!!" buttt yall all on the same team so lol)

  4. Ja'Nice Walker says:

    I always pictured Hex as similar to the phantoms from LoZ Phantom hour glass cept less phantom and more corporal lol

  5. Maple Blackoak says:

    Price: *starts to describe Hex*
    Me: *furiously writing down notes for fan art later.*

  6. THEweeKid J.J.J says:

    i want to see rager kill someone with the foot

  7. Reed L. Wilton says:

    This whole “out of character” cracks me up. I don’t know why it makes me laugh every time someone spontaneously says that phrase. Whenever my players need to ask me something they just say “Hey DM!!??”

  8. Bryce Rimmer says:

    constructive criticism hay? i dont really have much as your simply an amazing GM price, but… i do have one qualm. the one roles. they arent ammusing or dangerous enough. apart from that im really enjoying the series guys.

  9. eric peterson says:

    No save for sleep. But it is only useful for 20 or so hp. So once they get to 3rd-4th level, most things are going to shake it off. Unless you use it as a closer when they are almost dead.

  10. Zell0c says:

    This is great! I'm so exited for the next one! 🙂

  11. pikapower19 says:

    D&d added a killer koala monster that breaks armour you should add it in the story

  12. Christian Hartwell says:

    28:00 ironic how the only one who needs to sleep wants to leave but the ones who don’t want to stay

  13. lilbayo .-. says:

    Rager at this point is basically a prostitute

  14. Tally says:

    Sweet little crumbus jr. still just a crumb

  15. K Doodles says:

    Cliff noooooo!

  16. Jan Depaepe says:

    DECEMBUARY??? My birthday is in decembuary… it's a pretty nice period ;P

  17. Martha Eves says:

    This is the first D&D campaign podcast I've listened to and I love it so far! I just started playing a D&D at the end of summer and I'm so glad I've found this gem. This series is so entertaining!

  18. Quasimofo says:

    Is it just me, or has Rik's character slowly been turning into College Humor's Batman?

  19. Jenny Stanley says:

    Does anyone else wish that price was their dungeon master
    And the marauders are after atlas… do not get killed

  20. Joey Kerlin says:

    I dont understand how Hex has been so easily distracted from his programmed task of protecting the stolen chest.

  21. Regis Fulminata says:

    Ever since Rik chose that voice, I am super conflicted between loving Price's voice acting and Rik's lovable idiot hahahahah

  22. camran jeffries says:

    would like to note the only actual stranger is ash cus riks knows the elf lady (dont know her actual name) and her and jas are sisters.

  23. MARLON WALKER says:

    When I thought of hex I thought of the robot from real steel, but then I figure out hex is zenyata

  24. Dallas Jones says:

    This is better than any home brew D&D than I’ve ever played

  25. Dalton Hill says:

    I love watching these!

  26. Zen Zoma says:

    I thought hex looked like ultron

  27. Chosen0ne00 says:

    I hate that I have to wait a week to watch more ugh

    Also what is in the small bag the frost gave to Atlas?

  28. peasant vasea says:

    Guys, can you get drunk?

  29. Lancealot234 says:

    40:30 when your doing the arrow shooting, they don't need to make a dex save. I believe that's only if they were to like dodge a fireball
    P.S. Why didn't Ash use Lay on Hands on Frost?

  30. Deku says:

    Thank you for fixing the quality on prices view

  31. H3llhound says:

    when crafting stuff you roll a regular d20 and add your proficiency modifier if you are proficient with those tools. I also like doing specific skills like sleight of hand for intricate details or strength for forging metal so the players usually have a better modifier to the roll. The craft itself could be easy, moderate, hard, or nearly impossible based on that player's skill and/or the complexity of the craft (determining the difficulty check that they would need to roll higher then)

  32. Frostie Boi says:

    This would be in a great movie

  33. hardeitor x says:

    For clarification to the sleep spell you roll the 5 d8 and the total number is compared with the hp of the target ,if the roled number is bigger than the target's hp it will fall unconscious. If there are more than 1 target the target with the lowest hp will be hit first then the target's hp will be reduced from the total roll and proceed to the next target until the roled number is smaller than the target's hp.

  34. Sara may-rin says:

    who eles cried cause price killed frost

  35. Shoop 78 says:

    I realise this has most likely been asked before and I apologise. What program/platform/site are you using on your tablets when you play this game? I hear you mention at times that when you put something in it automatically works out the outcome. Thank you. PS – Only recently started learning D&D and found your channel. I am loving it. Thank you for sharing.

  36. Trysten Liu says:

    “This spell sends creatures into a magical slumber. Roll 5d8, the total is how many Hit Points of creatures this spell can affect. Creatures within 20 feet of a point you choose within range are affected in ascending order of their current Hit Points (ignoring Unconscious creatures).”
    So aren’t you unable to target Ash specifically but target an area with Ash in it? Also affecting everyone else in the radius too?

    Also:How did the fire go out?

  37. Chris Talso says:

    “I’m gonna scoop you up now

  38. Chris Talso says:

    Please more dnd

  39. Anthony Sanchez says:

    Don't usually watch dnd but I love this series


  40. vast wizard says:

    Hey btw you can look at sleep in a simplified way just SEARCH for animated spellbook the name is (Animated) my favourite 1st level D&D 5E Spell

  41. vast wizard says:

    Wait will there only be 20 episode's since the number of the episode is on the d20

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