Home Bar Basics: Lime Cordial (Natural Rose’s Lime)

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For this episode of Home Bar Basics we try and create a Lime Cordial at home that has all the flavors but none of the chemicals of Rose’s Lime Cordial. That delicious but chemical laden Lime Cordial you find at most stores, and a lot of our first introduction (including my own) to Spirit modifiers (mixers). It is probable that Rose’s Lime was first created with all natural ingredients so in this video we try and create what it would have been back when it started.

Roses Lime was created by a Scottish Entrepreneur Laughlin Rose in 1867 and was created to fill the need of the English Royal Navy. At that time the Navy had just figured out that limes were a great remedy for and great for warding off scurvy. If some of you don’t know Scurvy is a common disease contracted by people at sea brought on by a deficiency in Vitamin C. English Sailors were given a lime ration to drink which drinking by itself is god awful to some people, so Mr. Rose saw a need, created a sweetened juice to make it more palatable ad the rest is history. Rose’s Lime could be found on every English vessel.

Tutorial Starts: 1:55

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Here’s The Specs:

3 Cups Simple Syrup
6 Limes Zested
1oz (30ml) LIme Juice
1/2tsp Citric Acid

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28 Responses

  1. The Educated Barfly says:

    Tutorial Starts: 1:55

  2. Luis Del Angel says:

    Hi, nice video!
    how many ml can fit in a cup??

  3. Jim Carter says:

    Question: do you think the blender technique would work to make a ginger syrup quickly?

  4. Propagandhi says:

    I really like your homemade syrup (cordial and so on) videos and tried making quite a few at home. mostly with great success. Unfortunately they don't last very long. even just 1:1 simple syrup goes bad after not even 2 weeks. pouring it into boiled out bottles didn't help either. I store my bottles in a dark cellar room. it's not as cold as a fridge though. should I from now on keep all my selfmade syrups and cordials in the fridge or is there another way of preserving them besides adding a bit of neutral alcohol?
    thank you very much and keep up the great videos in 2019!

  5. Michael Geoghegan says:

    My blender is broken, would a 48 hour infusion in the refrigerator be sufficient instead.

  6. James Jefferson says:

    You guys are crushing it with these videos! I hope you are getting sponsorships for the tools you are using because I am sold on that strainer, that was a smooth pour.

  7. Corey Kuruma says:

    Sorry if I misunderstood but was there a reason you didn’t just add more lime juice instead of the citric acid? Wouldn’t that add the tartness that you desired?

  8. T E says:

    Have you tried infusing the lime peel and syrup in a whipped cream dispenser to extract the flavor?

  9. c r says:

    You think adding in like 2oz of high proof rum or clear spirit might add to the self preservation? The pH of this is probably below the threshold for most common bacteria anyway.

  10. Ian Holmes says:

    That is a boatload of cordial! I am definitely going to try this recipe, but will probably halve or third it.

  11. Raian Perez says:

    Reminds me of the Jeffrey morgenthaler recipe. Have you tried the 12 bottle bar recipe? The syrup is infused with cardamom and coriander and a bit of orange peel. It’s perfect for gimlets

  12. Constantine Scortis says:

    I'm really glad you made this episode as the Rose lime cordial in Australia is also full of artificial additives. Limes are in season right now so will definitely make a bottle of this. Goodonya Leandro!

  13. Kubens Allgood says:

    Could you use this to maybe whip-up some Daiquiri or Gimlet (as you said)? Or would it be to unbalanced and tart?

    Another great video btw. Thank you guys!

  14. greasyindiekid says:

    Easily my favourite channel. Keep up the good work!

  15. flonkerton1 says:

    What temperature is the simple syrup when you add the lime peel?

  16. Chopper690 says:

    Please google cordial and press listen. It's definitely not pronounced that way.

  17. Joshua Winter says:

    Ever consider making Luxardo cherries rather than buying them?

  18. Evan Cashman says:

    Leandro there isn't a 'J' in cordial :p

  19. Boschy Undso says:

    how much ml are three cups?

  20. Ilai Hehle says:

    It's just a more complex lime lemonade

  21. Patt Foad says:

    Sorry if I missed it but how long can this keep for? Thanks

  22. Caspar Gregers Jensen says:

    according to wikipedia If you get Rose's from UK or Canada it's still mostly the original recipe and no artificial additives.

  23. Rodrigo Balbontin Nef says:

    What's the shelf life of it?

  24. Yuzuu says:

    This looks like it would add a nice twist to a Gin and Tonic.
    I think maybe adding some rose water to it would go great with a Hendricks Gin Tonic !

  25. Christian Marshall says:

    Do you have a gimlet recipe with this cordial? Your episode on gimlets uses juice and simple syrup…

  26. rb says:

    Great video. More of these ingredient segments please. How long does the batch keep in a fridge and can or should it be prolonged by adding an ounce of vodka?

  27. Nathan L says:

    Revenge of the Pith

  28. Drunken Gyarados says:

    Just fyi the cameraman’s breathing is really being picked up on the audio. Not complaining because it’s a minor thing, just thought you’d want to be aware because it can be a little distracting

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