House in the Country, 4.5 ac, like new home, Danville Kentucky homes and land

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Get on our VIP List to know of new properties – call or text 859-494-5521 House in the Country, 4.5 ac, like new home, Danville Kentucky homes and land. Exceptional custom built ranch home with tremendous views of the countryside just four minutes outside of historic Danville. Great outdoor living space. Oversized two-car garage with walkup storage area 1000 sf +/-. Granite countertops, custom Barber cabinetry, hardwood floors…all the stuff you would expect in a custom built home. Nice open floor plan with a finished four season room overlooking the Kentucky countryside. Call us today for a private showing.

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19 Responses

  1. Brad Simmons says:

    Get on our VIP List to know of new properties –

  2. Len Martin says:

    haha.. Salesman who like to way over sell things crack me up.

  3. Love Rosie says:

    my friends my in my age(15) say I'm crazy for wanting to live here. like seriously guys, imagine how much peace can you get here.

  4. James Carl says:

    Nice really like it, has everything I need plus a pool

  5. patrick mulgrew says:

    signed up for the mailing list, no response a week later.

  6. Mr Rich says:

    Are furnitures included???

  7. Ammar Jahangeer says:

    How much did it sell for?

  8. Whisper2me says:

    You make me smile Brad. Thank you for your videos, I truly enjoy watching them. Hope to one day move to my dream home in KY

  9. Tony Sanger says:

    Weird Americans they don't put their vehicles in the garage they have seats to look at the view.

  10. Victor Cruz says:

    Brad I have to say I like your videos, seen them all and to be honest I am probably going to come and look for you to sell me a property when I retire from the military, awesome place.

  11. John Visal says:

    I wish I were rich

  12. Janco van der Westhuizen says:

    Why don't you ever mention asking price?

  13. Gaming Freaks says:

    How much Sqft is the complete house standing on?

  14. CraftyCow says:

    Here in Australia, we call it a 'Battle axe block'

  15. Nicki Recca says:

    I love that place!! ❤

  16. Mark Lavern says:

    What's the star on garage for seen a few in your videos

  17. karen hammarstrom says:

    How far from Lexington?

  18. Timmy Tight Pants says:

    Sweet baby jesus and the orphans!! Thats a sweet pad!!

  19. Sam Iam says:

    zoned agri or residential ? how much are they asking ? love your video Brad. i've got a real interest in central Kentucky.

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