How and When to Harvest Garlic + Curing for Long Term Storage

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John from shows you how and when to harvest garlic. You will also discover how to best cure your garlic for long term storage.

First, John will give you an overview of what to look for before harvesting garlic. He will pull up one of his garlic plants to see how its growing and decide if he should harvest the whole raised bed of 36 heads of garlic.

Next, John will come back in a few weeks after he lets the garlic grow larger, and then harvest the entire raised bed.

You will learn how John knows when to harvest the garlic, and why it is important to not harvest your garlic too early or too late. You will learn about the “skin” on the garlic and the relationship between the leaves of garlic on your plant.

You will discover John’s method for harvesting his garlic with little soil disturbance as possible.

Finally, John will show you how he cures his garlic in a shady greenhouse for long term storage. You will see how he ties up his garlic and learn how long you need to cure the garlic for.

You will discover that more than just the garlic cloves are edible, all the garlic greens, scapes and even leaves can be eaten for a greater level of health.

After watching this episode, you will learn all the aspects about when to harvest, how to harvest, and how to cure your home grown garlic.

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23 Responses

  1. Vrinda Bhalla says:

    love that bed, what is it ?

  2. shyra heart says:

    why u talking too much??

  3. mark1952able says:

    Is a hard packed soil NOT a good medium for growing it?

  4. mark1952able says:

    Why isn't a bulb forming on my garlic? Also, can garlic handle below 32 degrees?

  5. Richard Campbell says:

    That garlic breath tho

  6. Matt North says:

    That covers everything I needed to know. Awesome. Cheers Mate 🙂

  7. Bonnie Buchanan says:

    Btw, for those that missed this point…Just fyi, he wasn’t putting down china, what he said was that often imported garlic, which is mainly from China, (has to be) we don’t know if it is irradiated (which is because of U.S. importation regulations, that require certain agricultural plant/seeds, all be irradiated to reduce the risk of importing pests, and even mold or fungus, that could devestate U.S. crops), so he was saying that basically, there are a lot of unknowns, llike the irradiation, potential chemicals that were sprayed on them, (remember, you are what you eat, because plants get their nutrition from the soil, so they too are what they eat, so do you want to take just whatever into your own system?), and if you think about it, even the soils they were grown in highly influence the produce, you know nothing about their soil or water quality, with their being from out of Country where they have vastly different, and ususally less strick regulations…For example, how would you feel if you found out that the garlic bulb you planned to regrow and eat as your food, was grown close to Fukasima (sp? Or how ever it is spelled) & its nuclear spill? Not saying they are, only that there is no way for you to know…Another example, if you look at the mass lettuce pandemic anfee yrsnago, the lettuce was all produced in MX, where they were watering the plants basically with sewage water that in turn lead to E.Coli or Listeria vontamination, which then was spread to the processing facilities+then down the food supply chain to resturants+people’s tables (all true+verifiable on the FDA+CDC’s websites)…But, as he says, with organic garlic, local grown to you, (or heirloom seed+plant varieties), there is far less risk of contaminants…that’s all…pardon the lengthy explanation, but the details+examples help to get across/make the point more understandable to more people…..Wishing you a Good 2018 Holiday Season!

  8. Jonathan Ong says:

    Is storing garlic in bulk the same? Im planning to import softneck varieties from china, is it ok just store it in a an ordinary warehouse? I live in the philippines the avg daily temp here is 34c

  9. fiskfarm says:

    Thanks John. Great details that are too often left out. Well done as always.

  10. ava Minecraft says:

    Chinese garlic is very good! no need to put down China

  11. V V says:

    Hi John,
    I learn a lot of gardening skills from your videos. Thank you very much for all your dedicated and consistent contribution in Youtube! However, there are about two times I found you demean Chinese vegetables and tools in your videos. I respect your freedom of speech, but the words you say and the way you talk about China made me feel very uncomfortable.
    There are a lot of healthy food and excellent agriculture tools in China. China is mainly an agriculture country. Most people there also like gardening and farming and carrying out healthy life, the same with you. Most Chinese people are peaceful, diligent, and introverted. Even when other people demean them, Chinese people are not good at speaking up.
    Please don’t put hostile attitude towards things related to China. I hope you can slowly find some positive sides about China. I believe it will make you very happy. I hope your Youtube Channel will be better and better.
    Best regards!

  12. Michelle Vuong says:

    How often do you water them?

  13. Lawrence Boddwyn says:

    Nice, informative video. I just subscribed and had a question about the medicinal benefit of garlic. Is there a difference in the potency based on the variety of garlic, whether it be soft or hard necked?

  14. Jaromir Dub says:

    Where ARE you??????

  15. Charles Nyamu says:

    Nice lesson…watching from Nakuru, with the Rift Valley in Kenya….I love that.

  16. mumtaz ansari says:

    Too much blah blah blah !

  17. shimti mary sten says:

    great Wrk but it would b more interesting if u talk less n Wrk more

  18. Leonora Dompor says:

    Thank you God of plants!

  19. E Wood says:

    I found some Florida garlic amongst the sea of China garlic in my crappy little store in west Texas

  20. Ben A1 says:

    I've heard of some of the benefits of garlic maybe I'll start with a little pot this September to see how it goes now that Fall and winter are around the corner.

  21. spanky worse says:

    I love Planters!!!
    I am a great advocate of the true “SUPERHEROES”
    PLANT!!! Translates in Tagalog as “MAGTANIM”
    Please open the sub-title to follow the lyrics


    Kung iyong mapapansin, malawak na bukirin
    Kalbong bulo-bundokin, karaniwang tanawin
    Tayo nang magtanim, lupa'y pagyamanin
    Magtanim, magtanim, nang ika’y may makain

    Ang saging at papaya, pagkaing pampasigla
    Karot at kalabasa, linaw ng inyong mata
    Suha at kamatis, pakinis ng kutis
    Sa peras at kastanyas, isip ay tatalas

    Masaya ang magtanim, bakuran ma’y bungkalin
    Paso-pasong lupain, tutubo ang pagkain
    Tayo nang magtanim, upang may anihin
    Magtanim, magtanim, nang ika’y may makain

    Palay, sitaw, petsay, sayote, at mais
    Monggo, talong, upo, gabi, kangkong
    Litsugas, repolyo, patatas, singkamas
    Luya, talbos, labanos, okra, kamyas

    Atis, santol, lansones, sinegwelas
    Mangga, pakwan, mansanas at ubas
    Bayabas, aratiles, kamatsili, duhat
    Buko, melon, durian, abokado

    Magtanim tayong lahat ngayon
    Bungang kahoy o bungang ugat man
    Butil, gulay, prutas alagaan
    Upang lahat pakinabangan

    Punong kahoy at mga halaman
    Mahalin natin at huwag putulin
    Bungkalin ang lupain, magtanim

  22. Jason Harrold says:

    Why do yoiu have rubber gloves on?

  23. The Gooch says:

    Thank you for the video.

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