How Elon Musk’s Brother Kimbal Musk Is Reimagining Farming | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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Kimbal Musk, brother of Tesla founder Elon Musk, has set up 10 sustainable farms in shipping containers that produce 50 to 100 pounds of food every week, the equivalent of that traditionally produced by 2 acres of farmland. He talks about his Square Roots urban farming project, and reveals how you could enter a raffle to win his Tesla Model 3.
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How Elon Musk’s Brother Kimbal Musk Is Reimagining Farming | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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44 Responses

  1. 盖迪 says:

    A blue eye red dress taste better than kimbal's trunk i knew it.

  2. Alans Snack says:

    may aswell store those containers under ground, as they are fugly and take up space a homeless person could have.

  3. Alans Snack says:

    everyone knows sun grown plants are superior.

  4. Alans Snack says:

    someone hit him on the head again

  5. Alans Snack says:

    we already have grow tents

  6. wlad says:

    Don`t call her a South African mother that place is ruined by black corruption lol.

  7. Flat Jack says:

    What a tool.

  8. Cindy Tepper says:

    Uses lots of energy.

  9. Jayne Eckels says:

    So much love and passion in your family Maye. Great job!

  10. peace and love says:

    Where are the soil, the roots, the sun, the fresh Air that makes vegetables full of real healthy natural vitamins nor empty nutrition value

  11. Jason Chiu says:

    So does it taste better?

  12. joshua murray says:

    Elon can use these containers to farm on mars now

  13. Felix Nurwahid says:


  14. NathanGChannel says:

    I'm already tired of this family. Can they disappear behind the curtain where they originally were?

  15. Harman Enterprises says:

    What I love most about this system is that it protects the crops against the contamination of Monstanto GMOs. What a brilliant idea!

  16. Michael The Sociopath says:

    But is it organic? If not then I’m not sold..

  17. Thezebraherd says:

    There should be something like alibaba for people selling food like this

  18. Stroop says:

    The food growing technology seems cool!

  19. Richard Marberger says:

    SpaceX: Takes us to Mars
    Tesla, Solarcity and Gigafactory: Highly automated factories and energy grid necessary for Mars infrastructure.
    Boring Company: Underground Habitats necessary because of the lack of a global magnetic shield on Mars.
    Kimbal Farms: The kind of farm necessary to grow food on Mars.

  20. mitchtavio says:

    How do you plant / harvest it quickly and efficiently?

  21. Karl Bettencourt says:

    How to you get one of these containers, how much do they cost and is training available? Is this a franchise models or a non-profit initiative to promote local production. I think it is a great idea but anyone doing it will need training.

  22. C G says:

    Why dont you promote skys with not chemtrails?

  23. Calvin Yzerman says:

    Square root will work well on Mars.

  24. Jefff says:

    Man can we just start cloning the Musk gene? We have a industries in need of change.

  25. Rocky21Gaming says:

    But why is he wearing that hat its not sunny in there lol

  26. andrew says:


  27. josh lear says:

    Kimbal is no Elon, thats for sure. Plus Megyn Kelly is a dunce

  28. Saul Tigh says:

    This will be quite expensive because you have to produce lots of lots of light every day. And solar panels on the top of the container won't help because you can produce no more than you collect. It has few meters of area to collect light, but then it has to produce light for 2 acres of densely packed plants.

    Not very optimistic about this. Sure you don't have to use pesticides, but pesticides are cheap. Electricity is expensive.

  29. J.R. Productions says:

    The interviewer is a tranny.

  30. Ticker Scanner says:

    I guess this cutting edge food growing technology will work great on Mars too

  31. brian van der werf says:

    lol he just came across a canabis farm XD everyone knows this if you want you could just make your own farming room just replace the canabis by any other plant/fruit you desire i am not seeing this getting big rather predict more people will start growing indoors if they desire fresh food

  32. Joe Mel says:

    The "Trailer Park Boy's" are immensely interested, when can we start smoking

  33. JCFG says:

    I hate him omg

  34. Rishi Ghia says:

    The idea is gold. Love this, gonna follow the developments.

  35. Progs Hunter says:

    I'm sure there is a private space there for extra quality weed

  36. Shahar Rozenbloom says:

    A Hardware Company will Make An Elecetric Combine which is Cheaper for Farming And Land Thrower upside Down for Farming in A Killer Patent. Cheap Farming.

  37. S3 XY says:

    Better better better better truly better!

  38. The Law says:

    Do more of these videos and I'll subscribe a d stay subscribed.

  39. Raymond stingray Morris says:

    Great idea got to love this plan of sastainability from beginning to end it is a streamline way of producing food

  40. Mathy Siva says:

    My dream is meat Musk family. I am sure it will happen! Especially Elon Musk and Kimbal

  41. Travis Davis says:

    I wonder if Tesla will buy this when it goes broke just like they did Solar City

  42. Wade McLure says:

    Is it just me, or is Kimbal Musk trying to add a southern American "twang" to his South African accent? Yet he lives in Colorado? Colorado people don't have twangy accents.

  43. Kaitlyn S says:

    Taste better…taste better…truly taste better…

  44. Tom Foolery says:

    This is actually super awesome.

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