How Frito-Lay makes potato chips

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Watch how potato chips are made in an environmentally friendly way at a factory run by PepsiCo, no. 43 on the Fortune 500.

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44 Responses

  1. zumb1y the idiot says:

    How Frito-Lay makes gum slicers*

  2. James McColl says:

    Very good chips

  3. Alyssa the ugly potato :3 says:

    Oh no….my family potato!!!!!!! My life is a lie

  4. Juriz Torotoro says:

    I think they are giving Us air instead of lays

  5. Juriz Torotoro says:

    I was hungry looking at this

  6. KaminoRain 153 says:

    Looks Good
    I’m impressed that they use Natural Gas

  7. Amal Edwards says:

    I know, it's sold by weight and not quantity, but if it's that expensive for like… 20 chips, then that's sad. $3.00 for 20 small thin potato chips.

  8. Krasen Makes Content says:

    did they film this with a potato chip

  9. Mike Nonya says:

    "All natural seasonings" Sprayed on genetically modified potato's…smh

  10. Natsume Yuujinchou says:

    Who is eating Pringles while watching this? Hahaha

  11. Lyron Victor - Roblox - Brawl Stars And More! says:

    Basically ruffles are just lays but with ridges

  12. cljoe35 says:

    Air air air motherfuckers tell us about that air!!!!

  13. The Endleader says:

    How on earth do you maintain the potato numbers tho? Honest question….

  14. scott parker says:

    thats alot of potatos

  15. DGTL DoTs says:

    Btw where do you get your air that you put in the bag

  16. Legendary LeiEmblem says:

    Anyone else wonder when they clean the machines?

  17. Bunny Medrano says:

    Lol I thought the guy was josh Gad lmao

  18. Dalayza Salvatierra vilchez says:

    Pure poison ☠️
    (But tasty)

  19. JUAN says:

    Tf are potatAs

  20. Sierra Steffan says:

    Who else is eating chips while watching this?

  21. Mangplamatada Von yiurs says:

    I fucking hate how he says potatoes

  22. cesare bacchelli says:

    Dude sounds naturally adorable

  23. X X says:

    im baked asf

  24. Seth Koch says:

    DO NOT buy lays chips, I found what I think was dried tobacco in the bottom of my bag

  25. Honest Pro George says:

    That man sounds like Donald trump

  26. Meg Wieting says:

    The best lays are salt and vinegar don’t @ me

  27. ana _ says:

    So that's where air comes from

  28. Discovaria says:

    PETP hates lays there's plant torture

  29. Red Ghost says:

    I watched this while eating potato chips

  30. Aidan bergstraser says:

    how come they aren't soggy by washing them???

  31. Moe .Lester says:

    How airbag was made

  32. Square d says:

    Why am i watching alot of chip videos soon these types of video will go to my recommendations

  33. Wolfy77 says:

    Does anybody else get a gust of wind when they open up lays

  34. ARMYangie _jimin says:

    Anyone eating lays while watching this?
    cuz i am 🙂

  35. Big Smoak says:

    but why would they say lays is plastic

  36. Kai should do ASMR while drawing says:

    Lies. This is an air factory.

  37. Taz D. Francis says:

    Now i wanna walk to BP gas station and buy 2 bags of munchos . . . . . . .lol

  38. Ryu so Cool says:


  39. SCP Guard says:


  40. Tėrėżå Łãvė says:

    i love doritos and Lays

  41. Trafelis says:

    I wish i was this factory owner

  42. Roger Moore says:

    It have no ruffles in trinidad why

  43. Ricardo Martinez says:

    How the hell are we not running out of potatoes?

  44. Talkative Tree says:

    am I the only person eating Lays while watching this?

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