How I Got My Neighbor to Stop Using Roundup & His Organic Weed Killer Alternative that Really Works

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John from shares with you how he got his neighbor to stop using roundup aka Glyphosate and how he made a recipe for a organic weed killer alternative that really works.

Roundup aka Glyphosate is said to be probably carcinogenic to humans. It is also damaging to the health of your soil, and poisonious to many plants. In this episode, you will discover a much safer, natural and organic alternative.

First, John will share with you some edible plants he plants on purpose in his garden that many may consider “weeds”. You will learn how some of these edible wild foods got a little out of control and started spreading out all over.

You will discover how John usually manages his weed issues. Next, you will learn about an organic and natural solution that costs a fraction of synthetic, chemical weed killers.

John will then head over to his neighbors house and share with you what his neighbor thinks of his garden.

Then Don, Johns neighbor will explain to you how to make a simple organic weed killer that can be made with some common ingredients that can be found at any grocery store.

Finally Don and John will talk a little about why its important to use less chemicals and how you can actually save money by becoming a producer in our society instead of a consumer.

After watching this episode, you will have a sure-fire way to kill weeds on your property by using a very simple, non-toxic spray that can be made from common items from a grocery store including: Vinegar, Salt and Dish Soap. (John Recommends using Dr. Bronners Organic Sal Suds Liquid Soap)

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20 Responses

  1. infinite intelligence says:

    Awesome video John thanks for the tip! I love your channel I have been subscribed for many years and learned soooo much from you.

    I am wondering will this kill the grass?

  2. Robert Andrews says:

    what about the salt build up in the soil ?

  3. Ronald Martens says:

    Personally I don't think there is a problem with weeds. I live next door to my mother whom I suspect has sprayed poison on my driveway. She has done it once before but his time I noticed the weeds dying when we had significant rain.
    For the first time I have seen weeds which have prickles. Has anyone else experienced this. About 3 weeks ago I seen a man whom works for the shire spray a poison around newly planted trees on the verge.
    I took a look at these trees and the leaves look somewhat discoloured.
    My mother doesn't think glyphosate does any harm and she will only believe what she wants to believe.

  4. Graham Taylor says:

    Would work, but it won't stop new weeds coming up.

  5. Donald Smith says:

    amona will kill any thing it is sprayed on. No such what the best mix. the salt will make the soil from ever growing anything. amona will turn to nitergen

  6. Nesslig 20 says:

    Vinegar, salt and dish soap are (each individually) more toxic can glyphosate. You're replacing a toxic substance, with substances that are even more toxic and more harmful to the environment.“safer”-herbicide

  7. Lorne Hampel says:

    You missed a step in the process… Step 1: prepare the solution…Step 2 Spray the weeds… Step 3: return in two weeks and pull the very healthy weeds by hand 🙂

  8. Jon W says:

    parIII one application every spring, job done. end of story.
    and it is cheap, and won't kill the planet lmao.

  9. philipatoz says:

    I'm intrigued and will try this. I recently began to wonder about the safety of spraying Gly-4 around my well pump cover (fake rock). It is surrounded by a covering of small stones, but nonetheless gets weeds in it. I don't spray it but lightly and every couple of months – still, it's a concern. I'll try this in that area. If it works well enough and cost efficiently, I'll convert over entirely. Thanks.

  10. Martin says:

    A 17-minute video that could have been done in 3 minutes

  11. jonnyboat2 says:

    You didn’t even demonstrate its use or how much to use. You talked and talked and you never showed how to use it or a before and after pic. Mine didn’t work and I made it according to your directions.

  12. jonnyboat2 says:

    I tried it. It didn’t work. I’ll try it again using more of it on the weeds.

  13. jonnyboat2 says:

    You should show a before and after shot of a patch of weeds.

  14. Anthony Jones says:

    I do the same but I add a shot of gas….

  15. Mr. Ed 209 says:

    Roundup is a vegetation killer not just weeds

  16. ReneeNme says:

    If you're going to try this technique, play it smart. #1. Plan on doing it on a day that calls for chance of 0 to 5 percent precipitation and hope it doesn't rain or snow. #2. Go out after the Sun has been out for awhile and run your hands across the weeds you want to kill and see if you feel any moisture from leftover dew or rain from the night before. If you do, wait until they feel almost completely dry. #3. Then apply the concoction using only vinegar and salt. There's no need for the dish soap. Dish soap is only needed if you apply the mixture in late afternoon or if there's a high chance for rain. Dish soap is only meant to help the mixture cling to weeds in the event of rain or if applied in late afternoon/evening to keep dew from dripping it off of weed leaves. Remember, this stuff doesn't kill weed root systems ( this video title is misleading ), it's just a temporary fix ( Band Aid ) that only kills off weed leaves.

  17. CALTECH007 says:

    OK guys I have been reading about this weed killer for a long time and finally I said what the hell give it a try because the weeds in my driveway cracks are getting out of hand and I ran out of roundup so I mixed 1 gallon of vinegar with one cup of salt and added about three good squirts of liquid wash soap in there. Well what the hell it worked just fine and I am now a believer so no more roundup for me.

  18. finn1951 says:

    He looks pissed out of hes head .

  19. taoyen1579 says:

    skip to 9:32 for the recipe; you're welcome

  20. Rhonda Eaton says:

    Recipe starts 9:25

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