How To Be A Self-Sufficient Family Told By A Farmer’s Wife | TODAY Originals

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Her family grows the food we eat. Here’s how she handles the demands, and the isolation, of harvest time.

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How To Be A Self-Sufficient Family Told By A Farmer’s Wife | TODAY Originals

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20 Responses

  1. t h e d o n n says:

    Such a lovely story…

  2. snickerdoodles Boo says:

    Nice but then i would be like umm no. I live in LA This way of life seems so nice. I would miss all the conveniences minus the high cost of living in Southern California.

  3. Janice Washington says:

    Beautiful and so so inspirational.

  4. Mallow07 M says:

    This is an example of a strong woman. I wanna be like her

  5. Katrina Holte says:

    Thank you for featuring someone who's not a celebrity! Real, every day people don't appear often enough in the news in a positive light. But we real people who watch your shows would rather watch about good, down to earth people like this family. Please do more programming like this!

  6. phil greene says:

    farmers wife?? so, isn't she a farmer?

  7. A Rose Film says:

    Beautiful story, family and way of life.

  8. Tommy Kawston says:

    Get hand outs from the government.

  9. Michael says:

    I just got to tell you. I'm in New York City. I live in Manhattan. I'm a carpenter. I'm 65 years old. This city this so dingy and so ugly and it has the most beautiful buildings in the world sitting next to each other but you cannot tell the beauty because of the clutter. If I were to get on the farm I would be absolutely lost. My friends tell me you can do anything in this city Remodeling an office, build a building, install stuff etc etc. But I had I just loved your video.Actually I was in tears watching The kids and everything, the great good Lord and I believe in him I hope He comes soon because here in this city are nothing but perverts, evil people, homosexuals,lesbians and murderers. I can't even begin to tell you.I loved watching this video God bless your kids and God bless you guys stay together my name is Michael have a good night

  10. Souhail aks says:

    love from morocco to this beautiful family…god bless you all

  11. Suyapa Opina says:

    Girl I don’t even have a back yard for my kids. You’re doing just fine.

  12. To Be Honest says:

    Nice! Nice to get away from all the madness in life
    But societies evolve, this is far from the primary mode of existence

  13. R J says:

    Eloquently said. Thank you for sharing.

  14. rama jallow says:

    She calls HERSELF a farmers wife so obviously she is comfortable using that term.

  15. Natalia Lopes says:

    What a beautiful way of life.

  16. Muriel Ruan Souza Pina says:

    Very beautiful. I'm downloading this. The simpler the life, the better. Modernism is killing us. By the way, this type of woman has a charm that no feminist will ever reach. I hope to find a woman like that.

    Kiss from Brazil.

  17. Rbbn says:

    More like "How to cope with raising your kids alone while their dad works all day as told by a farm mom".

  18. Vivi MN says:

    I think is unnecessary to say a farmers wife-, she is a farmer herself now,so she doesn't need the -wife

  19. Walter Miner says:

    I think this is a heartwarming story! You have GOD in your life! You are away from the insanity of the city. Your children can feel free and safe in their own space! It's not an easy life, but a far healthier life for sure!
    You killed me with tbe fried chicken, lol!
    I hope the LORD continues to Bless you and your family!
    Thank-you for a great video!

  20. Marvel Jones says:

    I don't need no one giving there own opinion on how you should live your life not from a farmer's wife or a farmer's husband man please.

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