How To CRACK Pecans

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Danny shows how he spends his time on a rainy day. He sits and cracks pecans to be made into cookies.

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18 Responses

  1. Linda Kiel says:

    My Grandma always sent mom a box of pecans for Christmas. My Dad couldn't crack them fast enough for us kids! I bet he would have loved that box and nut cracker!

  2. Dan C says:

    Lol…..I hear y’all talk about pecans all the the time…..I don’t know my nuts….although I do know a lot of nuts….saw this video and said..”ohhhh that’s a pecan…. yeah I like those”. Lol.

  3. Country Homestead Preacher says:

    Great video! Very nice tool and box to get the job done. I’m curious what your favorite pecan is?

  4. Deborah Crutchfield says:

    We have been using ours for 20 plus years mine is mounted to a board and we set at the kitchen table when we crack pecans . I like your box that’s neat.

  5. GrammaCharlotte says:

    I LOVE that nut cracker and I LOVE pecans! Pecans are expensive to buy in the store and it would be worth it to grow the trees instead. When I was a kid we always got nuts in the shell and cracked them ourselves. That nut cracker would have made it much easier! Plus, we had a walnut tree. Our dog loved fresh walnuts from the tree and spent lots of time cracking and eating them. And us kids walked barefoot and stepped on the shells. Ouch!

  6. Gary W says:

    I like the native ones best. More oil content versus the grafted varieties which are larger but drier I think.

  7. Prepping Not Panicking says:

    I've never had a curved picker before. I've always just used a little eyeglass screwdriver. What a neat little contraption.

  8. S Miner82 says:

    You ought to make and sell the nut cracker box

  9. Kahlest Enoch says:

    That box is awesome and I love Pecans myself and yes it is worth the effort to crack them and sort through them.

  10. Duncan 1900 Homestead says:

    Great video Danny. The old timers, like your Dad sure knew how to get it done.

  11. Pia Hess says:

    Hello,what a thoughtful pecan cracker your Dad made for you.This is cool,and I never knew a pecan should be cracked the long way.I have been doing it wrong and always was frustrated trying to shell them.Even using the picker it went soo slow getting the tiny pieces out.So my little baggy of pecans is coming out of hiding and I am getting the pecan cracker with the pick when I can,and sit and give it another go.My fave nut is the hazel nut.I love the taste of them.You always teach helpful,and easier way's of doing things.Thanks for the video.There was no comercial for this one.There should be I think for this is great info.Keep warm,and dry you two.Some day maybe you two can do a booklet of Everything Pecans,and all the way's you use them in baking,etc.,and put in a picture of your Dads pecan cracker he made for you.Ohhh been very freezing here overnight,and the sky clear as can be.Nice rainy day cracking of pecans.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡…..

  12. Michelle Hedgcock says:

    Looks like a good thing to do while watching TV or YT videos. 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial. A friend gave me some fresh nuts and I've yet to crack em open.

  13. bamamubs says:

    What a great video, Danny! Reminds me of my childhood in Mobile; we had a large pecan tree in the back yard behind the garage, and on fall afternoons after school my brothers and I would go outside with brown paper Delchamps (grocery store) bags and pick up the pecans as they fell before the squirrels could get to them. Bring in the paper bags loaded down; Daddy was the chief nut cracker — he had a similar device to yours, but don't think he had the box, and he didn't want us to smash our fingers, but we'd sit on the floor of the den with the little pickers and fill bowl after bowl of shelled pecans for Mamma's pralines and other holiday baking. Thanks for my smile from the great memories!!! MJ

  14. Green Dream Project says:

    What a cool box, Danny! That pecan cracker seems like a real handy tool.

  15. Dr. Djones says:

    Bummed the pecans where I'm at didn't produce any this season

  16. Alan Denniston says:

    I love Pecans, they are a great tasting versatile nut. Savory or sweet, like Pecan crusted chicken .

  17. lassie7777 says:

    Great tips and love that box. We boil the nuts 10 minutes on stove first because it softens the nut shell. Then we crack em after cooling a bit.

  18. Frederick Nolan says:

    You pecan shucker you. I use to use a small hammer or my hands to roll crush the shell.

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