How to Create & Manage an Organic Garden : Starting an Indoor Organic Garden

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Indoor organic gardens can be a great hobby. Learn more in this free educational video series.

Expert: Steve
Bio: Steve is the owner of Sol Organics and Hydroponics in San Antonio, Texas, which as been open since 2001. His knowledge comes from years of practice. He was also a student of Future Farmers of America.
Filmmaker: julio costilla

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8 Responses

  1. sarat rajapala says:

    Great video , If anyone else wants to produce all your own tasty healthy home produce quick it's worth thinking about – Banfan Incredible Organic Miracle (just google it)? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it from my work buddy – great!

  2. shinta798 says:

    20 dollars a month? who pays that? in florida, i pay 70bucks on a good month when i'm barely there, and just over 100 any othe rmonth, and its just me and my gf in a small studio apartment

  3. alienascii says:

    those lighting recommendations will give you some fluffy buds.

  4. liamsdad33 says:

    @growingguidance well its alot cheaper to build them your self now the batteries will get you everytime but why buy when you can make

  5. liamsdad33 says:

    use solar panels to power lamps=no electric bill

  6. Food Matters says:

    See the trailer to a new film on natural health foodmatters[dot]tv

  7. serlups says:

    its not that bad
    probably didnt smoke before the interview 🙂

  8. NadrianATRS says:

    talk about NERVOUS… dude, it's just a short clip about organic gardening, not Miss America

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