How to Easily Clean Rusted Gardening Tools – ORGANICALLY!

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These poor pruners were so rusted – I couldn’t even use them. I had these at my Community Garden and I kept forgetting to bring them home. So today is the day it gets a good scrubbing. The good news is all you need is baking soda and vinegar and a little cooking oil. YAY, no icky toxic chemicals! Its really easy to do – so don’t toss out those rusted pruners yet! There’s hope! Speaking of hope, I hope you enjoy this video and that you are getting ready to get your gardening on! Happy Gardening!!!

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7 Responses

  1. A Garden Lovers says:

    Very good video help me out a lot

  2. Van Guy says:

    Nice video. Just a friendly warning. It appears you have granite or marble countertops. That is not the best place to apply the vinegar. Any acid based product will damage natural stone countertops.

  3. GreenOil UK says:

    Slip Eco Lube is a product that can work really well too, they have a similar video to this one but without the vinegar, you can just put it straight on.

  4. Boho Babe says:

    how cool! ive always bought new ones.

  5. Marco Garay-Chavez says:

    I enjoy your channel a lot! Keep up the great videos. 🙂

  6. candycane19 says:

    great tip. Thanks

  7. AIIiecat says:

    Vinegar is amazing! It is useful for so many things!

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