How to feed your dog a raw food diet plan – A natural diet suitable for your dog

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Ever wonder how to feed your dog a raw food diet plan that consists of a natural diet suitable for your dog? In this No Bad Dogs Podcast, I sit down with Canine Raw Diet expert Lisa Rosamino. We talk about what you are buying in that fancy bag of dog food and the benefits of feeding raw! We even talk about how your dog’s nutrition can play a significant role in your dog’s overall behavior.

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12 Responses

  1. Debbs Bushell says:

    Pet Fooled on Netflix is an excellent documentary explaining the great reasons for feeding raw to your cats and dogs as well. Definitely an eye opener for pet owners. This is great topic !

  2. Alexa Joyce says:

    I recently switched to raw and have seen the benefits myself and I’m never going back. Would love to know what she does about vaccines or lack thereof now!

  3. Debbie King Tampa says:

    I've been feeding my cat raw for a couple of years. I didn't realize how important it was for dogs. I was always told that dogs evolved to eat a human diet and trusted that the big dog food companies. What a fool I've been

  4. Debbie King Tampa says:

    My dogs eat kibble. They often eat grass on our walks :..( I have felt a a while they weren't getting the right food but didn't know what's to start. Thank you so much

  5. Captain Ron says:

    I started feeding raw to my (two) dogs about 10 years ago. One of my dogs started getting obsessive, pushing his good bowl around with his nose and whining. I started researching dog food on-line to find the best dog food I could use. During my research I frequently saw several blogs talking about raw dog food. I found a couple of fairly credible sites that evaluated dog food and I remember deciding on Orijen Regional Red.

    While I had already decided, I continued reading as much as I could find about feeding raw. I noticed a lot of breeders and kennels were recommending feeding raw. I learned a lot about canine nutrition and I also learned how little training and formal education veterinarians are given on the subject.

    I found several studies on the dietary habits of wolves. I learned how little-evolved the domesticated canine is from their wolf ancestors. I learned a lot about canine oral health and common diseases. I learned much more than I'm able to describe here. Ultimately, I became (and remain) convinced that domesticated dogs would benefit from the same diet the wild wolves would it if prey and food was available to them. Yes, there are some experts that argue against this premise, but I haven't yet been convinced by their arguments.

    I decided to use the Prey Model Raw (PMR) approach which mirrors the wolf diet as much as possible. Also, it didn't require me to deal with anyone who had a commercial interest in what I should feed my dog.

    I won't go into the details of this approach. If you want to inform yourself on the topic, be prepared to do a lot of reading (both pro and con, of course). There is an excellent, rather lengthy article (on the pro side) somewhere on the internet. I don't have the direct link but you could probable Google "Prey Model Raw Myths" and find it somewhere or by following other links provided in these articles.

    My dogs do not routinely have fruits, veggies or gound meat in their diets. They have never had commercially-prepared dog food whether it is promoted as raw or not. They get human-grade meat and game (and of course, parts of human-grade animals or game that humans don't routinely consume). Their food is never cooked. They receive canine glucosamine supplements daily as well as weekly capsules of pure salmon oil and depending on their size, raw eggs in the shell. The dogs are vet-checked annually and are extremely healthy.

    An interesting thing about feeding raw is the nature of the dog's stool. I don't know if this applies to all raw food regiments but my PMR dogs' stools are small, less stinky and deteriorate quickly. I know this since they share a large fenced yard with two commercially fed dogs. You can instantly tell the difference between raw-fed stool versus non-raw fed. Garbage in, garbage out.

    So, would I recommend that everyone use PMR? Definitely not. Unless you are extremely fortunate to have access to a wide variety of game, it can be expensive to purchase the food (I use pork, beef, turkey, chicken, mackerel, venison, lamb). There is time involved in getting the food, preparing it and storing it. I spend about an hour weekly preparing my dogs' daily meals for the next week. And then there's a lot of research to learn the appropriate and approximate amounts of bones and organs to feed. There's also a "transition phase" to wean your dog from commercial to raw. For me, it's worth the effort. Cheers.

  6. debbie d says:

    My comments might have come off like I’m critical of your video. Quite the opposite. Quite true and very informative. I think it will help a lot of people. Some easy recipe suggestions would be great for raw food beginners

  7. SR E says:

    You look like Ashton Kutcher 🙂

  8. debbie d says:

    If you can’t feed raw 2 very good kibble foods are Origen and Fromm. I would never feed a kibble that is sold at the grocery store and never feed a kibble that is owned or produced by a company that has other products other than pet food.

  9. debbie d says:

    I think most people that want to feed raw get confused as to how much to feed at each feeding and what exactly to feed.

  10. debbie d says:

    But yes. Raw is best.

  11. debbie d says:

    Leftover scrambled eggs from your kids breakfast isn’t raw. A cracked raw egg is raw food

  12. Cheryl Case says:

    Was hard to hear her over that barking dog and suspect it interrupted her thought process for first few minutes it barked lol

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